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Turn your cards into slicers with Slicer Button!

Hey all,


If you're like me, then at some point you've wanted to use a card visual in Power BI as a slicer/filter. Yes, this can in a way be done natively through bookmarks, but there are some drawbacks to this. Bookmarks might affect other filters that you already have in place and you can't select multiple bookmarks at the same time.


If you want to avoid these drawbacks and have clicking your card function more similarly to the slicer visual, then you're in luck as I just developed a custom visual for this! It's called Slicer Button and allows you to apply multiple slicers at the same time with a simple click. In the example case described above, we simply use it as a transparent overlay on a card, which then gives the card the appearance of the ability to slice data.


Using Slicer Button on CardUsing Slicer Button on Card


A YouTube video is linked below that demonstrates how to download and use the visual as well as the GitHub repository that is hosting the visual.


Basic Setup & Use:


GitHub Repository:


Additionally, below are two YouTube videos that demonstrate ways to extend the Slicer Button's usage.



Let me know if there are any questions or comments about this development. I'm happy to clarify or address anything.




Regular Visitor

Hello @mattkocak  and thank you for this amazing slicer . Been using it quite a bit and it's been working awesomely . 

Having issues getting it to work recently as the functionality is missing once published. Still debugging as I am unsure if t's a security reason or some update issue. 

I saw the files are mnissing from the public repository. Is there an update coming ? 


Hey @Detrelaa, glad to hear it's been of use. Would you mind describing the issue you're having in detail and providing some screenshots if helpful?

Hello @mattkocak and thank you for replying.


I added 2 screen shots from one of the reports I am using it in . 

One is from the PBI Service  - no fuctionality and missing Visual tab 


Visual Panel Missing  - cno functionality other than the cursor changing but clicking has no effectVisual Panel Missing - cno functionality other than the cursor changing but clicking has no effect



This 2nd one is from PBI descktop . Here all is working great.  Visual tab is present with the slicer options . Clicking works 

Same screen from PBI desktop  - here everything works as supposedSame screen from PBI desktop - here everything works as supposed




Whats crazy is that it was all working fine mid last week .


I would greatly appreciate any suggetions. 

Thank you 


Thanks for the info. I changed organizations recently and have limited access to Power BI right now so my troubleshooting is a little limited.

When I try to create a new report in Power BI Service and add the custom visual I get the following organizational error over the visual. Could it be that your organization also recently updated their Power BI policy and is blocking custom visuals?


Would you mind creating a new report directly in Power BI Service, importing the custom visual, and checking if you get the same error as me? Or maybe the custom visual works when you import it from scratch again?



Hello Matt, 

I've tried this as well . No error message whatsoever and experiencing the exact some issue. The "Slicer Tab" from format your visual pane is just not showing up therefore removing the filter value . The button itself has the hover over effect and it seems to be clickable but the missing tab which contains the filter value is affecting it's functionality. 


Hello again, I was able to test things out and didn't encounter the issue that you describe. I tried creating a report in PBI Desktop and uploading it to PBI Service. I also tried creating a report directly in PBI Service. Both times I was able to see the Slicer section of the format pane in PBI Service and everything was working as expected.




I'm not sure what the cause is on your end. There're no PBI updates that I'm aware of that would interfere with the visual. Maybe it's an organizational or report setting that's interfering with it. You could make sure that you're using the v1.0.2 release version of the Slicer Button, which is what I had tested with.


Unfortunately, I'm not able to help more with digging into this. Good luck with troubleshooting!

Thank you very much for the help. This makes it clear that the issue it's on the org security settings side . I will so some more dubugging .

Super User
Super User

Hey @amitchandak,


Thanks for the suggestion. I posted this to the blog with the title Turn your cards into slicers with the Slicer Button custom visual.




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