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Resolver III
Resolver III

Totalling error in MTD sales

Hi All,


Here is a screenshot of the dashboard which is showing wrong totals :


Screenshot (11).png

The total in the MTD column for Feb is wrongly being calculated (the actual number if added from the base files shud be 2.8 L).

The measure is used is as follows (which btw is working perfectly for all other months ) :


The total sales is nothing but the value column summed.

The [date] column of the Date Table is linked to the Date column of the fact table and is returning the exact same number of rows as the source files.

Could there be something specific going wrong with Feb?

Any help much appreciated



Super User
Super User

@monojchakrab , Try like


LMTD QTY forced=
Var _Maxdate = MAX('Date Table'[Date])
var _max = date(year(_Maxdate),month(_Maxdate)-1,day(_Maxdate))
if(max('Date'[Date])<=_max, CALCULATE(Sum('order'[Qty]),DATESMTD(dateadd('Date'[Date],-1,year)),'Date'[Date]<=_max), blank())


Comments are alternate options

@amitchandak - Amit, actually, surprisingly, the LMSP (last month same period), actually returns the right figure.

Its the MTD and only for the month of Feb, where there is a problem.

If there something else I need to look at? I dont think the measure is a problem as the same measures work fine for all other months.

Anyways - thank you for being in my corner

Super User
Super User

@monojchakrab , Is LMSP Value is same as Total Sales ?


if yes

Can you share calculation all related measures in tax format

@amitchandak - Amit, as for LMSP, I have tweaked the total sales figure to reflect the last month, which means for Feb, it shows Jan.

The measures used in dax format as below :

LMSP Val = 
Var _Maxdate = MAX('Date Table'[Date])
       TOTALMTD('Measures tray'[Total Sales], DATEADD('Date Table'[Date],-1,MONTH)
MTD Val = 
    TOTALMTD('Measures tray'[Total Sales],'Date Table'[Date])

let me know, if this helps, or if you need something more to work thru' this.

Thanks for the quick revert

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