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Helper III
Helper III

Total of new measure not correct



I created a new measure for Est. Revenue which works fine in the rows, but the Total shows the incorrect value.


In this case I tried with SUMX, but it doesn't work either. 



Thank you.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi,  @thhmez7 

Please check if these thread can be helpful. 

Try to wrap a SUMMARIZE function within the SUMX function.

If it doesn't work ,please share a sample file for further research.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Eason

Community Champion
Community Champion


With totals =
SUMX ( VALUES ( Account[Industry] ), [Est. Revenue] )

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Super User
Super User

Hi @thhmez7 

I created a column instead of a measure with DAX code below, then I added this column to the chart and total was 51451

VAR D=CALCULATE(SUM(Table[Revenue]),ALL(Table),Table[Industry]="D")
VAR C=Table[Revenue]
Return IF(Table[Industry]<>"D",D+C,0)


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do you use SUM of the revenue in VAR C?

It hasn't worked for me with the column.


@thhmez7 Var rev=Project[Est. Revenue]

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No that expression in VAR rev is not allowed 😞

Super User
Super User

@thhmez7 , if D selected is not selected slicer you can create you measure like


calculate(sum(project[est revenue]), filter(account,account[industry] <> "D")) +0 

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