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Helper II
Helper II

Toggle the value of a measure to 0

Hello all,


I need some help on this idea.

Let´s say I have a measure that calculates some money. Let´s say it shows 100,000$.
Now I want the user of the report to be able to toggle this measure to 0$ - just to see what would happen to other measures if this certain measure was 0.


The user could use a slicer or a filter to toggle the value to 0 and (in this example) back to 100,000$.


I do not have the right initial idea how to achieve this 😞


Thank you in advance for any ideas!

Super User
Super User

Super User
Super User

yes, in such cases, what-if parameter saves the day.

It really saved my day 🙂
Created a what-if parameter with just two states: 0(%) and 100(%).
Then I multiply my measure with the selected state of the what-if-parameter.
Thank you!

Super User
Super User

@cosmicyes , Create a table with two values  Actual , hide


Then You can have measure


meausre new = if(selectedvalue(Table[Show]) = "hide",0, [Measure])



You can use old measure slicer approach or field parameter too with a measure having value =0


How to create a Measure Slicer:


Power BI Field Parameters- Measure Slicer and Axis/Dimension slicer:


Thank you, I will check both approaches.

May I ask you: what would you recommend? Measure Slicer or Field Parameters?
I have heard about Field Parameters and think this is "the future"?

Thank you again in advance

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