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Time Filter Not Working


In another thread , Creating Time Filter, I was looking for a solution to filter First Response Time (Mins) according to create date


I wanted to know the average First response time (mins) that were created during working hours 08:00 - 17:00

and average First response time (mins) that were created outside working hours 17:01 - 7:59


In my previous thread, @v-tangjie-msft, provided a solution by creating a measure


During Working Hours

average(8:00-17:00) = var _a=CALCULATE(SUM('Table'[First Response (Minute)]),FILTER('Table', 'Table'[Create Time]<=TIME(17,00,00) && 'Table'[Create Time]>=TIME(8,00,00)))
var _b=COUNTROWS(FILTER('Table','Table'[Create Time]<=TIME(17,00,00) && 'Table'[Create Time]>=TIME(8,00,00)))



Outside Working Hours

average (17:01-7:59) = var _c=CALCULATE(SUM('Table'[First Response (Minute)]),FILTER('Table', 'Table'[Create Time]>=TIME(17,01,00) || 'Table'[Create Time]<=TIME(7,59,00)))
var _d=COUNTROWS(FILTER('Table','Table'[Create Time]>=TIME(17,01,00) || 'Table'[Create Time]<=TIME(7,59,00)))


It was working fine but i changed my data source and suddenly they are returning "blanks" and i can't figure out what went wrong!!


I have attached a sample data file 

Column E - Create Time

Column M - First Response Time (Mins)


I want to create a measure that finds the average First Response Time (Mins) that occured during working hours (08:00-17:00) and those that occured outside working hours (17:01-7:59)


Sample Data Link 


Thank you,


Super User
Super User

@anusornkhurana , Avg at what level


Example at hour level


Sumx( Values('Table'[Hour]),
CALCULATE(SUM('Table'[First Response (Minute)]),FILTER('Table', 'Table'[Create Time]<=TIME(17,00,00) && 'Table'[Create Time]>=TIME(8,00,00)))

At the hour level

average of first response (mins) that occured to all tasks created [Create Time] between 8.00-17.00


I tried the measure you gave me it didn't work. It is still returning Blank value 😞


Thank you!

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