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Time Aggregates. Elegant Visual Design / Alternative to Drill Downs and Drill Ups

In the dashboards we create, there is a need for visualizing the data in different time intervals.  (Not a unique need.)  I find that the drill up and drill downs suitable for an experienced PowerBI user, but for a novice it is not ideal and too indescript.


Has anyone created a well-received "control" that can govern all the visuals on a page allowing users to more elegantly change time intervals on a dashboard?


Thanks in advance... 

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Super User

@Anonymous , The information you have provided is not making the problem clear to me. Can you please explain with an example.
You can explore a time table and bucket as a column in that
Appreciate your Kudos.

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I am looking for a more visual way to change all of the time dimensions on a single page for the user.  For instance a visual cue or icon of some sort, that allows the user to move from Weekly to Monthly to Quarterly to Annually with a single click, and not use the drill up/down functionality.  Ideally, I can change all of the visualizations on the page with a single click.


This a UX question, not how to create/model a time dimension.


Sounds to me like a good use case for "Bookmarks".

You can create a separate Bookmark for each Timescale.   Then use images or icons as your navigation to access each bookmark.

There a multitude of videos on this subject...I just don't have any links handy.


Good Luck and Best Regards,

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I think that's a great idea.  I was in a similar headspace.


I will loop up some videos, but if anyone has a visual sample or link it'd be much appreciated.

Hi @Anonymous ,


Or use a hierarchical slicer?



Best regards,
Lionel Chen

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I created an image of a "24 hour clock" for myself.  Can't recall if I did it in Visio or Powerpoint, but you can use whatever is handy.   This links to a page that reports activity in 6 hour segments for each of my facilities.


You can search the net for various "calendar" icons to give you something that would represent week / month / year.  Hope this helps!


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