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The total is still grand total after filter, how to fix this problem?

Dear all,

In this Matrix, the BU will change because of the "Item" filter, and the sumx(amount) and all(BU) works perfectly as I want; however, the total of all(Item) and allexcept(BU) always show the total without any filter, basically the grand total. What I expect, instead, is the total of the yellow box.

Please help to point out which DAX function I might can use to solve this problem?
I tried few different combinations of Calculate( sumx(amount), all()/ allexcept()/ allselected()), but non of them can show the total of the yellow box. Thank you.






You may download my PBI file from here.

Hope this helps.


Ashish Mathur

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Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous ,


Please try the following formula:


Measure = SUMX ( VALUES ( 'Table'[BU] ), [allexcept(BU)] )
Measure 2 = SUMX ( ALLSELECTED ( 'Table'[BU] ), [Measure] )



If the problem is still not resolved, please provide detailed error information or the expected result you expect. Let me know immediately, looking forward to your reply.
Best Regards,
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.


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Hello @v-kkf-msft ,

Thank you for your time, but I can't open your file due to the version I used being older.
I tried the formula you shared, but maybe I misunderstood, anyway it didn't really work.
I send you a sample dataset by pm and explain more details I expected there. 
Please help to check your message box and let me know if more information is needed, thank you.

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hi, @Anonymous ,
please share a sample dataset (copyable) so I can test my suggestions. THanks

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Hello @vojtechsima ,
The sample dataset is sent to you by pm, please check your message box and let me know if any problem. Thank you for your time and help! 🙂

Hello, @Anonymous , 
Thank you for your dataset, this worked for me:



var __SelectedBUs = VALUES('sample'[BU])

var __calc = CALCULATE(SUM('sample'[Something]),ALLEXCEPT('sample','sample'[BU]), 'sample'[BU] IN __SelectedBUs)

return __calc


Please note "Something" is just renamed column of "金額".

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It works well, but the problem of the column all(Item) doesn't be solved.
Could you share more? 未命名.png


The ideal result for me is as below if "Item AD" is selected:

BUAmount(金額)Total by BUTotal by ItemTotal by selected BU


Because at the end I want to know the proportion as follows:

  • Amount/Total by BU
  • 1 - Amount/Total by BU
  • Total by Item/Total by selected BU 

Sorry if I didn't express the need clearly at first.


Share the link from where i can download your PBI file.

Ashish Mathur
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Hi @Ashish_Mathur,

Due to the sensitive information, I can't share the PBI directly with you, but I sent you the sample dataset by pm. Please check your message and let me know if any problem, thank you.


ps. The column titled "金額" means amount.


You may download my PBI file from here.

Hope this helps.


Ashish Mathur
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Hi @Ashish_Mathur ,


Thank you for the help!! This is exactly what I want!!

In case there are some people who can't open your file with the previous PBI version, I hope you don't mind I copied your formula to here.


Amount = SUM(Data[金額])
Total by Item = CALCULATE([Amount],ALL(Data[bu]))
Total by BU (Inter) = CALCULATE([Amount],ALLEXCEPT(Data,Data[BU]))
Total by BU = SUMX(VALUES(Data[BU]),[Total by BU (Inter)])
Measure = CALCULATE([Total by BU],ALL(Data[bu]))



You are welcome.

Ashish Mathur

Hi, @Ashish_Mathur 
even tho I am not the author, I thank you for your answer, I was struggling to figure out the last column because I thought it wouldn't be this simple, but it is. 
So, amazing work, thank you.

You are welcome.  Thank you for your kind words.

Ashish Mathur

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