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The most complicated request I've ever had about Weeks - Date

Dear all,

Can anyone help me, I would be very grateful to you.


Based on the date, I need to calculate the 3 columns with Month, Week, and Period. But as you can see in the photo below, the last week of the month should also have the remaining days that pass into the next month. And based on this condition, if the week has a few more days to finish, even if they belong to the next month, it must remain in the current month. And finally, the period of how many days there are in that week.

For example, the 5th week of November is from 27.11.2022 to 03.12.2022, which means that 3 days of December must be in November.
The month of December will start on 04.12.2022 and it will be the first week of this month.
This calculation logic must continue for all the dates we have in the table.

If you know how to do just 1 column from my request, I would be very grateful.

see photo:




Super User
Super User

Do not attempt to do this in Power BI.  Use an external calendar table that has these values precomputed.

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