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The last refresh attempt failed - The credentials provided for the SharePoint source are invalid



I have developed a dashboard in Power BI Desktop version and uploaded into Power BI through "Get Data" file option. The datasource is a sharepoint list. It is working perfectly alright in desktop version, but not getting refresh in power BI online version. Following are some error messages. I have installed personal gateway as well because the original file is saved on my desktop. I am certain that it doesn't need any gateway, but I have installed it just in case. Our sharepoint is cloud based.


The credentials provided for the SharePoint source are invalid. (Source at'345d04d9-3c23-4eb4-abdd-899e18b0195b')/Items(8103...


The credentials provided for the SharePoint source are invalid. (Source at'345d04d9-3c23-4eb4-abdd-899e18b0195b')/Items(8078)/File.)


The credentials provided for the SharePoint source are invalid. (Source at'345d04d9-3c23-4eb4-abdd-899e18b0195b')/Items(8132)/FieldValuesAs...\


Any help will be appreciated.



Tehsin Khan

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I am also facing the same issue, let me know how did you fixed this issue.

Try clearing the cache and re enter your credentials. If you are using your organisational login, make sure your password is not expired.
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Some customers that have more than 1,000 documents in a Sharepoint Document Library may experience issues refreshing reports when using Sharepoint Online as the data source. As a workaround, customers can refresh from Power BI desktop. Engineers will be deploying a fix starting 11/12 and expect it to be in all regions by end-of-day 11/17. Next update @ 11/16/18 at 5:00pm PST.

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the issue is still not fixed, do you have any update? Thks in advance.

The issue is already resolved. However, if you are still facing the same, try to decrease the number of files of sharepoint. It will work fine if you'll have less than 1000 files on sharepoint

Thanks for the update. We've just started encountering this issue.


We've just started splitting out our datasets into separate document libraries to keep them under 1000 items while the fix is being deployed.

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Any updated on this????  Same issue here too!!

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I am experiencing the same issue connecting to CRM.  Did you find a solution to this as it may help me also?

I also am haveing this issue.  The desktop version authenticates fine.  When I try to refresh the data online.  I see "your data source can't be refreshed because the credentials are invalid.  When I edti the credentials and I use the authentication method of OAuth2.  the authentication fails and returns to anonymous.  I am using https in the connection, to a sharepoint online list.


Failed to update data source credentials: Hide details

Activity ID:366cde8b-bd06-7d94-8632-b535d77ac775
Request ID:01386c13-57d7-17d1-929a-c5b5009b7388
Status code:400
Time:Fri Jul 28 2017 11:02:43 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
Cluster URI:


Hi all,
Any update on this? I am facing the same issue?




Helper V
Helper V

Since your Sharepoint instance is cloud based, is it in the same domain as your PowerBI?  have you tried insterting the Domain Name infrom of your username for Authentication, like Domain\Username?  That one has gotten me a few times.



Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

@tkhan Goto Settings->DataSet, find your data set, and expand Data source credentials. Click Edit, and pick OAuth2 as authentication method


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@pqian thanks for your response. I have done this many times, but it is not working.

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