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Helper III
Helper III

Text slicer for words in phrases



Out dataset has a column [Product Description] that has textual data like below.


Product IDProduct Description
P01"This a super fuel additive for performance cars"
P05"Fuel additive for ordinary cars"
P06"Oil for performance and sports cars and bikes"
P08"family car tyres"


I am trying to add two slicer features:


1) The user types "performance" on the slicer linked to [Product Description] column. The slicer then selects all rows that has the word "performance". The user is able to type any custom text and expects [Product Description] gets filtered accordingly.


2)  A pre-defined list of words exists and appears on the slicer that is linked to [Product Description] column. The user then clicks on a word from the list and expects [Product Description] gets filtered accordingly. This feature is similar clicking on a word on a wordcloud visual. The difference is, I would like to pre-define/specify the words that appear on the slicer. Ideally, the user should be able to click on those pre-defined words and also type in custom text and all these values are combined as OR conditions (ie if any of the conditions match, the row is returned). For example, lets say the word "Performance" appears on the slicer. The user clicks on the word "performance" and all rows that contain "performance" are returned. The user then types in "family" (let say, "family" does not appear on the slicer as a predefined word) and all rows that contain "family" are also returned.


I am keen to hear how these features can be implemented. Are there custom visuals that can do similar things?




Super User
Super User

@Surm , for the first one you can explore text filter



for the second one, you need to create a table in power query by splitting the words, by duplicating the same table and you need to have a many to many join with this table on product id and then use that new table with the word as the slicer


Similar approach tables created in power query

Single Select with Select All :

Split Column Power Query:

@amitchandak , Is it possible to make multiple selections on "Text Search" slicer and all of them are joined as OR conditions?


Hi @Surm ,


Based on my test, Find(), Search() and Containstring() function will work only when there is a single selection in the slicer.

So I'm afraid it is not supported.


Best Regards,


Community Support Team _ Jay
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