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Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Table Measure Totals - Again

I'm trying to calculate the total difference between two grading distributions (MIs).  One group, ALL, is across all trainees, and the other, Cell/Value, is for just a selected trainee (cross-filtered).  CIs are the absolute differences between the two distributions.  For some reason, I cannot get CIs to sum.  I used the "Has One Value" technique (m_Total 1Val), but you can see that while it works, it does not return results for grade values in which the selected trainee has not received any grades.  So, I tried using "Has One Filter" (m_Total 1Fil) and got all the CI values back, but it only sums those CI values for which the trainee has a grade; it does not include the CI results for which the trainee did not receive a grade. Note, the table is further filtered to show only grade values >0:



The DAX I am using are:

% Graded MI Distribution (Value) = DIVIDE('FACT-ELEMENTGRADES'[# of MIs (U) (cell)], [Row Total (Values)],0)+0
% Graded MI Distribution (Value-All MenuItems) = CALCULATE(DIVIDE('FACT-ELEMENTGRADES'[# of MIs (U) (cell)], [Row Total (Values)],0), All('*SESSION_BRIDGE'[Session Menu Item Values]))+0
CIs = ABS([% Graded MI Distribution (Value)]-[% Graded MI Distribution (Value-All MenuItems)])
m_Total 1Val =
VAR __table = SUMMARIZE('FACT-ELEMENTGRADES', [GradeValue],"__CI",[CIs])
m_Total 1Fil =
VAR __table = SUMMARIZE('FACT-ELEMENTGRADES', [GradeValue],"__CI",[CIs])
Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.
Community Champion
Community Champion



Can you change the CIS formula to the following one and see if it works?


CIs = SUMX (
ABS([% Graded MI Distribution (Value)]-[% Graded MI Distribution (Value-All MenuItems)])

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

That results in a CIs total but does not return the two rows where no grades were awarded (1 and 2):


I suspect that has to do with the fact that the individual selected (cross-filtered and has no grades of 1 or 2) is causing VALUES is returning a blank value for those two entries.

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Values calculation is returning a blank for grades of 1 and 2 and not including the calculated CIs for those two in the total.  Any workarounds?

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