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Table Interactions - Working With a Hierarchy



I often produce reports for events we've held. The records for Event and Event Participations (two separate tables) are held in our CRM with a hierarchy between the event itself, the sessions linked to the event and the times within that session.


For example (top to bottom):

Parent Event = Event 1

Parent Session = Event 1 - Session 1

Child Session = Event 1 - Session 1 - 9:00


The Event Participations table would then list each record as the name of the event/session/time of session, their Participation ID and their Participation Status (Registered, Cancelled, Attended etc.).

(Event Type is a custom column that I create and there is a many to one relationship between the Event Name of each table)


Event NameEvent Type
Event 1Parent Event
Session 1Parent Session
Session 2Parent Session
Session 3Parent Session
Session 1, Child 1Child Session
Session 1, Child 2Child Session
Session 1, Child 3Child Session
Session 2, Child 1Child Session
Session 2, Child 2Child Session
Session 2, Child 3Child Session
Session 3, Child 1Child Session
Session 3, Child 2Child Session
Session 3, Child 3Child Session


Contact IDParticipation IDEvent NameParticipation Status
C-C994jn483vzC994jn483vzEvent 1Attended
C-B279pz518pDB279pz518pDEvent 1Registered
C-D678lk722wuD678lk722wuEvent 1Registered
C-C293tT566tbC293tT566tbEvent 1Cancelled
C-D627mf646lCD627mf646lCEvent 1Attended
C-C994jn483vzC994jn483vzSession 1Registered
C-B279pz518pDB279pz518pDSession 1Registered
C-D678lk722wuD678lk722wuSession 1Registered
C-C293tT566tbC293tT566tbSession 3Attended
C-D627mf646lCD627mf646lCSession 1Attended
C-C994jn483vzC994jn483vzSession 1, Child 1Registered
C-B279pz518pDB279pz518pDSession 1, Child 1Cancelled
C-D678lk722wuD678lk722wuSession 1, Child 2Registered
C-C293tT566tbC293tT566tbSession 3, Child 2Cancelled
C-D627mf646lCD627mf646lCSession 1, Child 3Cancelled


What I want to be able to do is have three table visuals - one for Parent Event, one for Parent Session and one for Child Session - and have them set up in a way that allows users to click/interact with each row in the table and show the corrosponding overarching event/session/session times. For example, if they click Session 1 within the Parent Session table, the Parent Event table would show the Parent Event, the Parent Session would show the session that has been clicked and the Child Session would show the times within that specific session.

Table 1:

Parent EventEvent Participations
Event 149

Table 2:

Parent SessionSession Participations
Session 119
Session 212
Session 318

Table 3:

Child SessionChild Participations
Session 1, Child 110
Session 1, Child 24
Session 1, Child 35
Session 2, Child 15
Session 2, Child 25
Session 2, Child 32
Session 3, Child 15
Session 3, Child 25
Session 3, Child 38

I've attempted a few ways to do this, but the closest i've got is only being able to show the relationship one way (from the top of the hierarchy to the bottom) by using three separate columns for each event type (shown below), and using each corrosponding column in the tables, rather than the Event Name.

Event NameEvent TypeParent EventParent SessionChild Session
Event 1Parent EventEvent 1  
Session 1Parent SessionEvent 1Session 1 
Session 2Parent SessionEvent 1Session 2 
Session 3Parent SessionEvent 1Session 3 
Session 1, Child 1Child SessionEvent 1Session 1Session 1, Child 1
Session 1, Child 2Child SessionEvent 1Session 1Session 1, Child 2
Session 1, Child 3Child SessionEvent 1Session 1Session 1, Child 3
Session 2, Child 1Child SessionEvent 1Session 2Session 2, Child 1
Session 2, Child 2Child SessionEvent 1Session 2Session 2, Child 2
Session 2, Child 3Child SessionEvent 1Session 2Session 2, Child 3
Session 3, Child 1Child SessionEvent 1Session 3Session 3, Child 1
Session 3, Child 2Child SessionEvent 1Session 3Session 3, Child 2
Session 3, Child 3Child SessionEvent 1Session 3Session 3, Child 3

I've produced a test pbix to demonstrate this, and this is shown on page 'Test 3' of the below document (please download).
Event Hierarchy Test.pbix

I understand to an extent why the visuals don't interact in the way I want, but I'm struggling to find a way to manipulate the data/relationships/measures to show what I want. Any insight into how I can achieve the interactions working in the way I'm aiming for would be much appreciated. Please let me know if any more information is needed.

New Member

find a solution for this?  I have this challenge and can not find a solution anywhere,  I would have thought this was a feature of Hierarchys but seems to not be.


Unfortunately not. There are a couple of workarounds, but not exactly what I was looking for.

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