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[TARGETS] Monthly Sales Target - Table design

Hi guys,


I’m designing a new report to analyse the performance of our centers and it’s a MUST for this report to have something to show sales deviations from monthly target.


Just to give you some context, we already got in our network:


  • Centers: 4 Centers
  • Product Types: Each one of them sells 5 “type of products” (A,B,C,D & E)
  • Customer Types: Each one of them could sell this 5 type of products to 2 “Customer type” (Private Customer or Companies)
  • Monthly Target: for all of this, each center have monthly targets to reach.


I already have a Datawarehouse which is always feeding my reports with update data.


I’ve got dimensions & facts created with “product types”, “customer types”, “Center names” and “Sell dates” of each product these centers sell but not Sales Target because it's something that it is changing every 3 months when we renegotiate..... I already have everything loaded on my model and perfectly related.


  • 1 sale means 1 row with selldate, center, product type sold, customer type, etc.


So, my main problem is How can I integrate this in my model? I guess that I need to create some kind of Excel sheet and connect my model to this source of data and whenever we need to change monthly targets, Power BI will update the info.


And secondly, which would it be the column design for the “Monthly Targets Table” to integrate it with my model and create measures and charts by month, year, etc?


Thank you so much in advance to all of you.

This community is really helpful.


Best regards.


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For what it's worth, I was trying to do something very similar and posted my question on Stack Overflow
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Hi @Isra_BI

What type oc getdata are you using. Is it Import-Data or Direct-Query.


If it is a direct query you need to create the target table also as a part of of Datawarehouse.


If it is impor-data then you can load it from excel sheet.


The budget table should have similar info like sales table with columns 

Year, Month, Centre, ProductType, CustomerType, TargetValue





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