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Helper III
Helper III

Suggestion regarding the Bookmark, Buttons filtering the table in Power BI Desktop

Hi Experts,


I dont have much experience in Power BI, I have two slicers, 7 cards and one table.


I need all the data shown in the cards and table to be filtered based on slicer selection. The different cards will show different data and nothing but the numbers. 


The details of the card visual, I want to show in table. Upon clicking on the respective card, I need to show respective data in the table which is also on the same page. here was the design of the report




Do Bookmarks and Buttons will be enough to achieve this requirement? I will create a bookmark with relevant filters and add a to the button, size it as of that of card. Upon clicking on card...the data in the table will be filtered...Can you help me if I can do like this?


Please suggest.

Helper III
Helper III

Can you any one suggest on this, will this cause performance problems considering my dataset is 4.5 million in size with 7 cards, 7 tables, 7 bookmarks, 7 buttons, 3 slicers on a single report page. 

Resolver II
Resolver II

I know of two ways to do this - the first is with an invisible button over each of the cards, with the button action to go to a bookmark which filters the table and other visuals to that view. This does work and is reliable, but it tedious work to set up and a commitment to continue adjusting these bookmarks as you add or replace visuals. Here's an introduction to this approach.


Another option is to use the new button slicer released in the November Power BI release, currently in preview. Here's how that would look, with the limitation that it is currently in preview, and the number of cards you can show is static, with options to scroll or < > arrows to show additional cards.


Here's an quick example using the your use-case:


Thank you @andrewpirie for your reply and suggestion...

Super User
Super User

@pavanmanideep , Data In the table will not filter, You need to create that many table and hide and show them as per need. The button should be transparent and cover card


refer: Clickable cards in power bi using sync slicers & bookmarks -04



Ok, thank you very much for your reply @amitchandak ...also if you see in the visual, above the cards, I have a date field, which I would like to populate based on Measure..I have 4.5 million records which I would like to import to Power BI Desktop using Import mode....could you suggest if it impact performance of the report as I am having multiple visuals on the page...

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