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Helper II
Helper II

Struggling ignoring filter in DAX :( Any ideas???

Hello Community,

I have a Date slicer ( with Day, Month and Year) as a filter for all my visuals, the thing is for a specific measure, I would like to avoid  ( ignore) the Day and Month, but keep the year as a filter for my measure. 

I tried, ALLEXCEPT( DateDimensiontable, Date.[month]) but is not working 😕

Not sure what to do and how to tackle this problem..
Any Ideas????

Thanks for your help!!

Community Support
Community Support

Based on your description, slicer will affect the table visual. This could be caused by the relationship with the fact table. To give an accurate suggestion,please provide a sample pbix with dummy data.

Super User
Super User

@ManuApo , try a measure like

calculate ( sum(Table[Value]), filter(allselected(Date), Date[Year] = max(Date[Year])))




calculate ( sum(Table[Value]), filter(all(Date), Date[Year] = max(Date[Year])))

Hi @amitchandak ,


I am not sure if you saw my last reply to your first solution, in that case, any idea how to tackle this?

Really appreciate your help!

Dear @amitchandak ,

Thanks for your reply, 

I have tried both, but for some reason is not working.  I am using a Date Dimension table, from which I am using the Date slicer. 

I have attached a picture of my report: 




-The slicer filters the Date dimension table by a column called Full Date which is linked to my Summary table ( where is all my data ) 

-In my Summary table, there is a calculated column  ( GrossNet monthly forecast ) that has the data I want to show in my visual ( ignoring the filter for the months, but keeps the year, in this case 2021) 

-Measure 1 is calculating the sum from January to May for each month
-Measure 2 ( using ALL) is calculating the sum from January to December for each month

Is there a way to keep using that filters that you mentioned but without using the CALCULATE function? I mean, I dont need to agregate any data, as it is already calculated in the calculated column "GrossNet MonthlySBF" 

The end point is to show "GrossNet MonthlySBF"  January to December for the year that the slicer is filtering

Thanks again!!! 

Hi @amitchandak ,


I am not sure if you saw my reply, in that case, any idea how to tackle this?

Really appreciate your help!

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