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Standard Burn Down excludes weekend

BurnDown.PNGI have successfully created a burn down report of Odata data from Azure DevOps which works great and looks to correctly exclude weekends.  But the next day my Burn Down planned hours has recalculated and it should not because today is a weekend.  I have used combination of tips using a new DateRange calculated table with a IsWeekDay = 1 filter on the visual.    Is there something I need to add to my measure to help exclude the burn up for weekend?


#Burndown Planned =
VAR ProjectStart = CALCULATE(MIN(WorkItems[Date]), DATESYTD(ALLSELECTED(DateRange[Date])))
VAR DayDaysSinceStart = CALCULATE(DATEDIFF(ProjectStart,MAX(DateRange[Date]),DAY))
VAR BeginningStart = CALCULATE(SUM(WorkItems[Remaining Work]), DATESYTD(DateRange[Date]))
VAR SprintLength = 21
    MAX(DateRange[Date]) >= ProjectStart && MAX(DateRange[Date]) <= ProjectStart + SprintLength,
    BeginningStart - (DayDaysSinceStart * (BeginningStart/SprintLength)),
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I look more into this it may have something to do with the ODATA from DevOps that brings historical data as well as current data.  Is there a way to keep historic for burn down purpose but use current for understanding where the remaining work is at this point?  Help would be greatly appreciated!

A bit late but there is a field called "Is Current" on all the queries of historic data if you are using The Analytics views (Boards) as the connection to DevOps. The field will be true for the rows of current data.

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