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Stand alone visual on a page to interact differently with slicers

I'm struggling to get a specific visual to update, and despite a number of CHATGPT requests, I haven't managed to decipher where I'm going wrong.


I have a page with 4 visuals.  3 of which are directly linked with a primary page slicer, selecting a "relationship lead" for client related data.  The four visual is a linegraph providing a trend analysis of an employee's time clocked each month.  The problem I have is that if I use the primary slicer to select a name it doesn't interact with the fourth.  


I have tried creating briding tables and hidden slicers, but not getting the desired result. 


I appreciate this will be difficult as I'm limited to what data I can share, but essentially there exists a realtionship between a employee id  reference on the employee table and the client table.  Id like to be able to select a name from the primary slicer and that updates "maybe" a hidden slicer so that the fourt visual (my line graph) only interacts with the hiddenslicer and therefore automatically shows the time for the employee that happens to have been selected from the primary slicer.


Please feel free to ask for any further information, but I keep hitting walls and I am still fairly new to PBI and DAX so learning on the job, so to speak.


Thank you in advance.



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Thank you.  I really do appreciate your assistance.


Chat GPT has given me this DAX measure as a solution.  which essentially works, however, for some reason, it's only providing totals for my monthly trend graph upto and including May, and not June.  


I have checked all filters and slicer interactions etc.  I have also checked the table and there is definitely June data there.  I've created a table that shows the data separately without any of the measure calculations and I can see June data.


As soon as I put this measure in the y axis, I lose June.


Is there something in this measure that's restricting the calculation?



TotalChgHrsTrendAnalysis =
VAR SelectedLead = Selectedvalue('PBI_Clients'[Relationship Lead])
VAR SelectedEmployeeID =
        FILTER('PBI_Employee', 'PBI_Employee'[Display Name] = SelectedLead)
    PBI_TimeSheet_InputlineId[Chargeable] = TRUE(),
    PBI_TimeSheet_InputlineId[EmployeeID] = SelectedEmployeeID,


Hi @nikki11 


Could you please provide more raw data in your tables (exclude sensitive data) with Text format and your expected result with backend logic and special examples? It would be helpful to find out the solution. You can refer the following links to share the required info:

How to provide sample data in the Power BI Forum

How to Get Your Question Answered Quickly

And It is better if you can share a simplified pbix file. You can refer the following link to upload the file to the community. Thank you.

How to upload PBI in Community


Best Regards

Zhengdong Xu
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Regular Visitor

Thank you for your response.


The main slicer looks at 'Clients[relationship lead]'.  There is a relationship between 'Timesheet[relationshipleadid]' and 'Employee[employeeid]'.  When I try to create a relationship between 'Clients[relationship lead]' and 'Employee[employeeid]' i get an error :


"You can't create a direct relationship between these two tables because that would introduce ambiguity between tables Employee and Timesheet.  To make this relationship active, deactivate or delete one of the relationships between Employee and Timesheet first".  


there is only this one relationship active, so if I delete this one of my other visuals won't work.


Table Employee has unique entries, one line per employee

Table Timesheet has many entries, many lines per employee

Table Client has many entries and on each line it may have a relationship leadid or a Managerid which appear many times to denote which employee is the Relationship Lead and Manager.


Sorry to be a nuisance.


Thank you for your help so far.



Hi @nikki11 


Actually that I can not understand your porblem completely, please share some raw data(Exclude sensitive data).

For example, i need to know the tables and fields that in them, relationships, fields in your visual, and how you write the measure. Much of them can cause the issue, so if possible, could you please share your PBIX file(Exclude sensitive data), so that we can help you better.


Best Regards

Zhengdong Xu
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Community Support
Community Support

Hi @nikki11 


Please check if there are any relationship between your tables, a relationship is needed when you're doing some data processing across multiple tables.

Here for your reference:

Create and manage relationships in Power BI Desktop - Power BI | Microsoft Learn


Control which page visuals are affected by slicers:


power bi slicer interactions.


Best Regards

Zhengdong Xu
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.


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