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Staff Turnover Solution

I have seen and tried many solutions without succes, I am looking to build a Power Bi solution to show the Population By Month Year using the attached data, I have start Dates and End Dates for each user.


I want to build a line graph that shows the total population by each month of each year, then have another line showing how many users started then a third line to show how many users have left.


I already have a Calendar table called "Dates"


Below is a small sample of my table...



BrandJob RoleUser IxStart DateEnd Date

Brand 4Warranty Executivexpbt6ml20/01/198322/06/2022
Brand 1Parts Advisorxppz4bm01/07/1987 
Brand 4Parts Advisorxpx5kl422/09/1987 
Brand 3Warranty Executivexpw5xut05/09/198814/04/2023
Brand 1Technicianxpz6fsc27/11/1989 
Brand 5Technicianxpbopth01/10/199030/06/2022
Brand 1Technicianxpej65401/10/1990 
Brand 5Technicianxplxe0a22/03/1991 
Brand 5Service Advisorxpc9w4h01/08/1992 
Brand 3Service Advisorxphjrf918/01/1993 
Brand 1Technicianxpi66ot07/06/1993 
Brand 5Service Advisorxpmavqq15/03/1995 
Brand 4Technicianxpoartq05/09/1995 
Brand 4Technicianxpgwzrg01/01/1996 
Brand 4Technicianxpj2ynr06/05/1996 
Brand 4Technicianxpg4fhv02/06/1997 
Brand 4Technicianxpqgztl19/05/1998 
Brand 4Technicianxp2x2x401/09/1998 
Brand 2Technicianxp8e0sf10/05/1999 
Brand 5Sales Managerxpxmr8x04/01/2000 
Brand 1Technicianxpcun5b12/01/2000 
Brand 5Technicianxpnvlbl03/04/2000 
Brand 1Technicianxpet9g626/04/2000 
Brand 1Parts Advisorxpwbw9205/06/2000 
Brand 4Technicianxp408vy09/06/2000 
Brand 1Parts Managerxpgnezh01/08/2000 
Brand 1Technicianxpomn4b04/09/2000 
Brand 5Technicianxp9hb6y01/10/2000 
Brand 1Technicianxpmq4lq09/11/200009/04/2022
Brand 4Technicianxprhba408/01/2001 
Brand 1Sales Executivexp2ct6x01/02/2001 
Brand 3Sales Managerxp9g9j101/03/2001 
Brand 1Service Advisorxpesbbi02/07/2001 
Brand 4Technicianxptmkhj20/08/2001 
Brand 3Service Advisorxpt8trx17/09/200114/07/2022
Brand 1Technicianxp66zur26/11/2001 
Brand 4Technicianxpbki8h21/01/2002 
Brand 4Technicianxpb92nu25/02/2002 
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Super User


Please check the below picture and the attached pbix file.






Population: = 
VAR _mindate =
    MIN ( Dates[Date] )
VAR _maxdate =
    MAX ( Dates[Date] )
VAR _populationtable =
        FILTER (
            ALL ( Data ),
            Data[Start Date] <= _maxdate
                && OR ( Data[End Date] = BLANK (), Data[End Date] >= _mindate )
    COUNTROWS ( _populationtable )


Start count: = 


End count: = 
        SUMMARIZE ( FILTER ( Data, Data[End Date] <> BLANK () ), Data[Ix] )
    USERELATIONSHIP ( Dates[Date], Data[End Date] )




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@CalexUK , refer if the attached files or blog on similar topic can help


Power BI: HR Analytics - Employees as on Date :


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