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Stacked column chart (yet again)

Hello all, 


I have a problem with displaying stacked columns based on y data and I did watch some videos on YT and I also read some of the threads on this forum to no avail. 

Problem statement: I have a table with projects. They go through different stages and they spend "x" days in each stage. What I would like to see is how many projects stayed for how long on average in each stage. I can do this in Excel and other systems but for some reason I can't do it in Power BI. Aside the columns you will see in the sample data set, I also created measures for Average days in each stage and Count of projects in the respective stage. 


Sample data set

Project nameDays in Stage 1 Days in Stage 2Days in Stage 3Days in Stage 4Days in Stage 5
Project 15050505050
Project 2402030  
Project 3442030020
Project 450201010 
Project 5200050100
Project 6100202020
Project 72010   
Project 84    


The Excel equivalent of the PowerBI measures are:

 Count in Stage 1Count in Stage 2Count in Stage 3Count in Stage 4Count in Stage 5


The way it should look like (done in Excel):




As usual, help is very much appreciated. 


Super User
Super User

If you Unpivot all the Days columns in Power Query, the measures will be simple.

 Attribute on the x-axis.

Drag Value on to Y-axis twice (one will be count and one will be average)

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@HotChilliI don't really understand what you're saying. The Days in Stage x columns are calculated columns so they are created within PowerBi, they are not imported, meaning I cannot unpivot them. 

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