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Splitting columns result in duplicated rows which cause to wrong Count number

Hello all,


I am struggling with problem when I try to split column By Delimiter to rows. I have one table for now.

I am trying to split Labels (and sub-scope also) column to use solo values in slicer but when I am doing it I am getting duplicated rows with other columns.

I mean when I split labels column and then I try to use Count of Market I am getting 6 instead of correct value in this case which is 3.

I would like to do split also for Sub-scope but It causes additional rows and also getting wrong values in Market count or Sum of TCV etc.


How to work with it to split these valus to use it in slicer and be able to filter with this slice all needed visuals but do not cause duplicats and wrong count/sum numbers?

Quick example on screenshot


Thanks in advance


I hope you have created relationship between the 2 tables too. If you are unable to do it, please share the sample pbix file here.

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Super User
Super User

Create Primary key and Copy the Primary key and Labels to a new table and then split the values. You can use a measure to count the Market column from your main table.




@miTutorials  Could you write it in more details? How to create Primary key and copy it to another table?
In that solution I can split labels and sub-scope in one newely created table ?


Edit -  I was able to find in model view how to set Key Column(This is such option, right?)

However I don't know how to copy it to new Table. I should set Primary key there also?

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I set Key Column, Duplicate table and split values but When I put slicer with Values from new table there is no effect on visuals which use values from primary table

I hope you have created relationship between the 2 tables too. If you are unable to do it, please share the sample pbix file here.

After setting relationship "one to many" works as expected.

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