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Greetings to all. I need help, can I construct a slicer by using header instead of column? 
I have a table that comprise of 7 Columns, first column contains staff ID while the rest contain values accroding to the types of leave. As for now, I managed to construct the slicer based on the first column which is the Staff ID. What I want to do next is to contruct the slicer based on the types of leave. How can I do that ? Thanks in advance.

Community Champion
Community Champion


You have not provided any sample data - however from what you are describing it sounds like you may need to UNPIVOT the data!

This is very easily done in the Query Editor!

Look at my response here


You could change your table into a 3 column table as one option


Col1 = StaffID

Col2 = Leave Type

Col3 = Leave Value


You can then easily create a slicer over Col2.


You can do this in your Query Editor using Append, or in DAX using the UNION.


Let us know which you prefer and we can give more detailed instructions.

To learn more about DAX visit :

Proud to be a Datanaut!

First of all thank you for your reply previous. This is my example of table, I want to make the header (AL, EL, ML, LC, UL, MIA) as slicer instead of the staff ID

Community Champion
Community Champion


In the Query Editor => select both Staff ID and Staff Name columns => Transform tab => Unpivot Other Columns

Rename the new Attribute and Value columns with appropriate names

(double clck on the column names or right-click and select rename)

the Home tab => Close & Apply

now you can use the Attribute (or whatever new name you have given this column) as your Slicer


Good Luck!Smiley Happy

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