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New Member

Slicer showing duplicates

Hello All,


I have a fact table 'Table1' in which I have buyer_name column that has names of buyers (all my tables are in direct query). This table has duplicate values of buyers. So when I use this field in slicer, I see duplicates in it. Then I create a new table using below dax which removes the duplicates-




Table 2 = SUMMARIZE('Table1','Table1'[buyer_name])


TABLE 2 is now an import query.


Then I create a relationship between them but I am getting many to many relationships which should not be possible as table 2 has distinct values. I dont understand why! Though I can see distinct values in slicer using table 2 buyer name. Should I use it ayways?


Method 2 that I tried -

I also tried referencing table 1 to create table 2  (this case table 2 is direct query) and then joined them using one to many relationship (it was showing nw in pbi) but however, when I use the new column buyer_name in slicer, baam..I can STILL SEE DUPLICATES, even though table 2 only has distinct values. I just dont knw what is happening! Is is due to some direct query bug?

Please help

New Member

So, I just found that power bi is duplicating one of the buyer names when i create a calculated table table 2 using summarize dax function. I have tried groupby, value, distinct, but still it is duplicatng one of the buyer name. I dont know why. 

but when I create another table Table 3 and use group by with Table 2. Then it gives me the right result.

However, when i export the duplicated Table 2 to excel, i cannot see that duplicate buyer name. It comes only one time.

I dont know whats happening here.

Super User
Super User

@ckchhabra , Please use clean and trim in power query and see if that can solve the issue


Power Query Trim and Clean :

Hi @amitchandak 


I tried trim using dax for calculated table Table 2, but it is still detecting many to many relationship. 

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