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Helper I
Helper I

Slicer not working with time intelligence measure

I am trying to display a straightforward table that shows the time to resolve a ticket by week,  the resolve time in minutes in our database and ive used other posts in the forum to get that to display and sum up in hh:mm  and that is working fine,  however as soon as i add the hh:mm resolve time the slicer stops working and instead of only seeing results for the selected week i see all the records in the table but with no data in the resolve time apart from for that week.  The week slicer is coming from a date table that is joined to the database table  both using date fields.


Using just the minutes and a decimal time it works fine - see below




If i add the hh:mm measure to the table i get this


if i scroll all the way down to the 7/11/22  records the data is there but why are all the other records showing and not being filtered out by the slicer 


 I have tried moving the measure from a measures table to within the facts table, ive tried changing it to column from a measure, redone the relationships and checked that joins are all using the same date type. 


 Can anyone point me in the right direction to sort the filtering?

Super User
Super User

Can you put a sample file together and post a link?  I'll have a look

hi, heres a sample pbix  - 

You can see wheeve i use the slicer it does not remove the records from the table.

I appreciate the file being provided. Thank you.

The measure is returning ':' even when there are no hours or minutes.  So powerbi is still going to show the row.

It needs to return a blank or blank() if there are no values for hours/minutes.  That should sort it.

thats strange, i removed the : h,m  previously and it still returned the rows.  However this time it is removing them, but i also removed the format command to pad out the hours and it has removed the rows, which is great but i need some sort of formatting at i cant display 1 hour 20 minutes as 0120  it needs to have some sort of formatting.  How is that possible but still removing the rows

Helper I
Helper I

even if i remove the formatting to still displays the empty rows



Super User
Super User

powerbi removes lines from a visual if a measure returns blank, so it looks like there is a default value (h,m) returned in the measure. That's why all the 'extra' lines are showing.

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