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Slicer - How can I count selected months?

Hi Guys,


how can I or is it possible to count how many months I have selected in a Date-Slicer? I want to divide a value with the count of monts, e.g. earnings / selected months ... All variants do not show me the correct number of months - only distinctcount brings 12 months 😉


Thanks in advance

New Member

Months Counted in Slicer =
    ISCROSSFILTERED('Date Table'[Month]),
    DISTINCTCOUNT('Date Table'[Month])
Helper IV
Helper IV


I have also tried this solution using "ISFILTERED" or "ISCROSSEDFILTERED" and both options only 

result in 0. I have two items selected in my slicer. Regards


Resolver III
Resolver III

Count = 

This will count if the months column is selected directly. If you want to account for the months column being filtered indirectly, use ISCROSSEDFILTERED instead of ISFILTERED.

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Hi Vega,


thank you - unfortunately, the value is always "0" instead of, in this example, "5":


2018-02-13 19_26_02-PIMPowerBI_PO_CRMOnline - Power BI Desktop.png



Can you post your Date table? How is the slicer being created? Like I said earlier, if the months are not being filtered directly, then you need to use ISCROSSFILTERED.

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I have tested both ISFILTERED and ISCROSSFILTERED - below you'll find the screenshot from the table field:


2018-02-13 19_41_41-PIMPowerBI_PO_CRMOnline - Power BI Desktop.png


Slicer (Timeline) is configured only with the "Date" field:


2018-02-13 19_43_44-PIMPowerBI_PO_CRMOnline - Power BI Desktop.png


Again - many thanks for your support 🙂


There is certainly more optimize way to do it.

But for example you can duplicate your date column convert it into a type text, and concatenate the year and the month.

And then do a DISTINCTCOUNT of your new column.


Example of M query to get your year and month

Text.Range([Date], 6,4) & Text.Range([Date], 3, 2)

i too would like to know how to do this

Hi cylix,


till now I do not have a proper solution for that...

Hi, have you had any luck with this? I am tasked with doing something similar to this as well but the above solutions provided do not work. Please advise.


Thank you. @posterme 

Does your date table have a months column?

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Hi, its only a column defined as date field...




And as I written in my first message,


with COUNT('TABLE'[Date].[Month]) the Value is 1096,

with DISTINCTCOUNT('TABLE'[Date].[Month]) it is 12 ...


But what is "1096" ? 🙂

I believe 1096 is the number of dates in your date column

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