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Simple Graphic with multiple Date values on X Axis of a graph non visible

Hi everybody,


I have a Power BI Report with 1 Excel files used as data source.


This data sources have 4 columns :


Ex : Data Source 1 :

1 > Date 1 (Data Source1)

2 > Date 2 (Data Source1)

3 > Date 3 (Data Source1)

4 > Index column


I create two simple visuals (1 Table view of my Data Set, I Graph using Data in X Axis) :





But when I put On X Axis,:


1 > Date 1 (Data Source1)

2 > Date 2 (Data Source1)

3 > Date 3 (Data Source1)


Elements into the following graphical visual : 




I use Drill Down to see element grouped by Year Month



If I click on a item of the table list view of my DataSet I am only able to see the filter on the first element of the Date 1 and I cannot view the items of Date 2 and Date 3


Is it possible to see values of Date 1, Date 2 and Date 3 Group By Year Month ? Please


I want to see items of Date 1, Date 2 and Date 3 Group By Year Month on X Axis when I click on an item on the table view list, but it not works well…


Have you got any ideas for it ? Please


Please find in attach the DataSource and the Power BI (PBIX file) have more informations,


Please change the datasource path with the attach file if you try to run the report,


Many thanks in advance,


Best regards,


Antoine MICK

Super User
Super User


You should select the Index column, right click on the column heading and select "Unpivot Other Columns".  Ensure that the  Value column is formatted as Date.  Now build a Calendar Table and create a relationship (Many to One and Single) from the Value column of the Data Table to the Date column of the Calendar Table.  Write calculated column formulas for Year, Month name and Month number.  Sort the Month name column by the Month number column.  To any visual/slicer/filter, drag Year, Month name from the Calendar Table.  Now create yoru visual.

Ashish Mathur

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