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Showing Wrong % on Matrix Grand Total with Drill Down

Hi All,

I am trying to migrate from tableu to power BI dashboard. In one scenrio I am trying to get the % total of a measaure in matrix.
I am using the drill down also in visual. The % value is correct for row wise but Total Value for % shoud be 100% per every Drill Down level not as parent level.

I have a separate measure for Total  value (Total Existencia Multimoneda) and creating separte  % value measure (% Total Existencia Multimoneda) and concatenating both to show the values together.

The Problem here is on % Measure showing values According to "Tramos B. Groupo' Colum but it should show 100% according to "Tramos B"

% Total Existencia Multimoneda =
Var Num = CALCULATE([Total Existencia Multimoneda])
VAR Neg =
    ISINSCOPE ( obsolescence_spare_parts[Negocio base])
VAR Sec =
    ISINSCOPE ( obsolescence_spare_parts[SECTOR_DSC] )
VAR TramGro =
    ISINSCOPE ( obsolescence_spare_parts[TRAMOS B. (grupo)] )
VAR Tram =
    ISINSCOPE ( obsolescence_spare_parts[TRAMOS B.] )
    Var Infunc = CONCATENATEX(obsolescence_spare_parts,obsolescence_spare_parts[TRAMOS B. (grupo)],",")

var NegSum = CALCULATE([Total Existencia Multimoneda],FILTER(ALLSELECTED(obsolescence_spare_parts[Negocio base]),1=1))
var SecSum = CALCULATE([Total Existencia Multimoneda],FILTER(ALLSELECTED(obsolescence_spare_parts[SECTOR_DSC]),1=1))
var TramGroSum = CALCULATE([Total Existencia Multimoneda],FILTER(ALLSELECTED(obsolescence_spare_parts[TRAMOS B. (grupo)]), 1=1))
var TramSum = CALCULATE([Total Existencia Multimoneda],FILTER(ALLSELECTED(obsolescence_spare_parts[TRAMOS B.]),1=1))

IF(Neg = TRUE() && Sec =  TRUE() && TramGro = TRUE() && Tram = TRUE() , DIVIDE(Num,TramSum,0),
 IF(Neg = TRUE() && Sec =  TRUE() && TramGro = TRUE() && Tram = FALSE(),DIVIDE(Num,TramGroSum) ,
 IF(Neg = TRUE() && Sec =  TRUE() && TramGro = FALSE() && Tram = FALSE(),DIVIDE(Num,SecSum,0),
 IF(Neg = TRUE() && Sec =  FALSE() && TramGro = FALSE() && Tram = FALSE(),DIVIDE(Num,NegSum,0)))))

Final Measure

Total Existencia Multimoneda No. and % =
If(ISBLANK([Total Existencia Multimoneda]) , " " , "$" & FORMAT([Total Existencia Multimoneda],"#,##,0") & " (" & FORMAT([% Total Existencia Multimoneda],"#.0" & "%)"))

Current ResultCurrent ResultExpected ResultExpected Result

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