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Advocate I
Advocate I

Sharepoint Site Usage in PowerBI?

I have now successfully connected my Office 365 Usage Report to Power BI but there's a few things that I can get from the Sharepoint Site Usage reports that don't appear to be available in the dataset.


The site usage report gives Unique Viewers, Site Visits and Trending Files, none of which appear to be available and this is the exact sort of data we'd like to display in our PowerBI reports. There doesn't even seem to be an option to export the site usage to use as a separate data source... And even if there was, I'm not sure I can add a second datasource to my PowerBI report?


If not, I'd also like to display device and software data from Google Analytics but the only way I've found to do so appears to be by creating another report. Ideally, I'd like all of my KPI's to be displayed on one dashboard or report.


If anyone could offer any insight into how to do any of the above, I would very much appreciate the help!


Many thanks.



Helper III
Helper III

Hello Is there any news on this topic a workaround to get the data from SharePoint Site usage ? 


@PierreL69 , have you considered @mrpullen 's  practical advice The data you want is avaialb from the graph api   , and offer of assistance?    



If you have found a true bug or issue, you can make a post to the forum to let others know (and that would be very nice of you to do so). But if you want to get it fixed, you should post it in the Issues/Ideas (it varies) area of the community. Specifically, you should post it here:

Power BI -
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If you have a new idea for functionality or how something should work, you can certainly start a thread on the community to solicit feedback on your idea, but you should also post the idea in the ideas section of the website and solicit others to vote on your idea. The development teams use the Ideas area of the communities to build their development pipeline and a significant amount of weight is placed on Ideas that have lots of votes versus those that do not. The ideas areas of the communities are here:

Power BI -
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PowerApps -


If your requirement is solved, please make THIS ANSWER a SOLUTION ✔️ and help other users find the solution quickly. Please hit the LIKE 👍 button if this comment helps you.  Proud to be a Super User!

Yes I have tried to click on the link but it seems not working anymore.


Which link do you refer to?

New Member

For the usage of sharepoint lists, one possible workaround is to Get Data in PowerBI, using the v1 connector of the SharePoint Online List. It didn't work for me with v2. The table User Information List contains all users that accessed the list, the field Modified can be used as the last visit.


This does not provide the complete list of accesses to the list, but at least it is an easy way to have the list of users and the last access of each of them.

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

The data you want is available from graph api - here{site-id}/lists/{list-id}/items/{item-id}/getActivitiesByInte...

I have a use case to essentially import the "90" days of data into dataverse - because the customer wants to keep this data for longer than 90 days - so I am using a dataflow - with some functions - lookup "SharePoint List" / "Lists" to get the items you want to report on - then build a function to take the site-id, list-id, item-id and configure the days to be today / today -90 with interval of hour (interval supports - hours, day, week, month arguments)
I was also thinking you could write an azure function - surface the graph api stuff once you check that the user requesting it is a site owner - then we could simply provide the usage data directly to users from an azure functions endpoint - we could then add access checking to "partition" the data appropriately and secure access to the site usage data by site.

If this is something you are interested in seeing / leveraging let me know and I will put something up on github.



Regular Visitor

This is an old postm but it seems one that has gone unoticed for a while, any updates?

Helper I
Helper I

I am also looking for the same, not sure if anyone of you found a solution for this? Any pointers would be helpful please.

New Member

I'm also looking for an answer, curious if someone has already found any.

Hi, @Reinier ,

What you can do is create a Sharepoint List and assign a column for each Data you want to get (File Name, Created by, File Size, etc. ) . then using Power Automate create a flow that will trigger when someone uploads on your SharePoint sites, then connect your flow to SharePoint list.
Then make a Power BI report and your Data source will be your SharePoint list.
I hope it will help you.


Power Automate:



Thank you, but I'm more intrested in the site or file useage. So, how many times is a file been vieuwed in the last weeks? Do you know it this is also possible. 

That is exactly what I need to do also. 

Regular Visitor

This is an old post but has anyone found a solution to this?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi Chris_FSA,


Can you share some screenshots to clarify your issue more explicitly? You can also refer to:



Jimmy Tao

Hi @v-yuta-msft. Apologies for the delay, I've had a few days off.


In Sharepoint Online, I can download spreadsheets with figures such as Visits, Hits and Search Queries here: 



From Site Contents, I can also view Unique Viewers and Site Visits on a daily basis for the last 90 days, however this can't be exported as a spreadsheet.



Also on this page, it shows the most popular content over the last two weeks.



Using the same process, we can see the Unique Viewers, Site Visits and popular content for each of our subsites, as well as which of the subsites has the most views.




As far as I can tell, none of this is included in the dataset I get when I connect Sharepoint to Power BI. The usage data for each product is more focused on file activities like sharing and syncing and doesn't even list what content is popular for these metrics.




The only O365 applications to give data on what devices are used to access them are Yammer, Skype, Teams and Exchange.




The actual Sharepoint usage stats are focussed more on enabled and active,  with users, files and sites which although useful to know doesn't quite give us what we're looking for, especially as I can't seem to get a list of the sites and files.




It also gives us data on who the most active users are and although it's interesting to see what the most active departments are, this doesn't correlate to our subsites and knowing active individuals isn't hugely enlightening.




And I can't see a way to add another data source so I couldn't add in the spreadsheets from Sharepoint Online or connect Google Analytics to display all of these sources on one dashboard.


I can analyse the data from Power BI in Excel so could use that data as a datasource in another data vis tool such as Data Studio or Tableau but this is a manual process that I want to avoid. I'd just like to be able to get the data I need, which is clearly available somewhere, all in one place.


Many thanks.


Any input on this would be greatly appreciated, @v-yuta-msft.

@Chris_FSA have you found any workaround to get the sharepoint site usage in PowerBI.  I am looking to do the same but the 365 analytics dataset is definitley limited.

Same question/requirements for our Intranet, built on 20+ site collections (corporate pages, Functional Area pages, Policies & Procedures, etc...). Our management is eagerly requesting a dashboard to view site usage for each of the pages, news & documents available on the intranet. How can we access the site usage statistics from Power BI for multiple site collections and drill down to/filter on specific pages/docs/news etc...

Hi Eric, were you able to find a solution? It's been 4 years and there is still no OOTB solution. I need the same thing you are describing. Would appreciate any tips. Have a good day!

Unfortunately not, did some additional searching today w/ Bing Chat - Copilot, yet still no adequate solution

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