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Sharepoint List connector pulls different column titles depending on user group

Hello all,
we are pulling our data directly from a sharepoint list. Thereby two people are working in PowerBi at the same time. The people are in different groups on the sharepoint list.
Person a is owner, person b has full change rights.
When retrieving the query, different column titles are transmitted. Person a sees the titles as they are displayed in the web view, person b sees the original titles as they were first assigned. We can reproduce with lots of devices. The only diffreence we can find are the assigned groups.
This means that all subsequent steps in the query are incorrect. Who knows this problem and has already solved it.


person bperson bWeb view and person aWeb view and person a



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The point is, that two people see different names! If both would see the same names, everything would be fine. But person a sees the "displayed" names and person b the "internal" ones. Both are working with the same file and therefore with the same query.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Njoerd ,

This question seems cause by designed. SharePoint columns have an "internal" and a "display" name. his allows you to name columns like a DBA would and then go back and add a more friendly name for your users later. For example, 'Loc' is the internal name for my 'Location' column.  In PBI, you will see the 'internal' name when you import the SharePoint list. This is true for both an on-premise or a hosted SharePoint environment. This is where you'd see 'Loc' instead of 'Location' in PBI.


To learn more details ,refer the below article: 



Best Regards


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