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Share your thoughts on visual calculations (preview)

Hit "Reply" and let us know what you think of visual calculations! To learn more about this feature, please visit the blog post or our documentation.


Here are some areas that we'd like to hear about in particular:

  • errors / issues you are experiencing
  • functionality that is missing / does not work as you expected that is not listed as limitations in our documentation.
  • suggestions on governance capabilities
  • sorting behavior of visual and visual matrix

Thanks and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

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hi, thanks for trying this - you can't use visual calculations on the X axis of your bar chart. Is that something you'd want us to enable?

Frequent Visitor

Being able to manually designate an axis would be hugely helpful. In my (limited) experience testing visual calculations---working with RUNNINGSUM---not being able to change which axis the calculation runs on presents challenges. Also need that axis to be measure-friendly; I work with a lot of datasets that don't easily allow for indexing/ranking in Power Query or as a calculated column (requiring it instead to be done by measure), and I need to be able to take RUNNINGSUM through that calculated index/rank.

not sure I understand - you can write COLUMNS or ROWS in the axis parameter to switch to the other axis if it's available on your visual. Is that the "axis" you are referring to ?

Regular Visitor

I have the option checked, have restarted but "new calculation" is not visible.



it's on the Home ribbon, not on Modeling.

Regular Visitor


If i have understood the documentation  correctly (*) when visual caldulations are used, it is no more possible to create a public web link.
While  i understand the need to make some features payable, i do not think this is the best way, except if this is for technical reasons, but then it should be explained.

I think this should be adressed via the current licencing mechanism (for instance force the developper to use a premium per user licence) etc, but not by restricting access which is counter productive for all parties.



  • You can't use the Publish to web functionality with reports that use visual calculations or hidden fields.


currently publish to web is blocked because of a technical issue. It's not licensing driven.

Will this be solved? If yes when? 
I published to web a dashboard that uses a visual calculation and the table that contains it is not visible. It has the following error:
image (5).png

it will be resolved - it's on the documented list of limitations. 

New Member

I need to format that new calculation. make it currency. I'm not seeing how to do that.


while FORMAT works, it changes the output to text so you can't use it for further calculations. We will add support for formatting soon.

Use FORMAT as the output of the calculation.

The only issue with this is that FORMAT returns a text value, which means that if you want to do something like add data bars to the column as a cell element, nothing happens. Which is to say, we need to be able to do more than just format the data in the column; we need to be able to control its data type as well.




agreed - that is coming.

Super User
Super User

Use case for using visual calculations as basis for conditional formatting:  Highlighting value changes



Can't select the calculation.


would be nice to be able to, though.


yes, conditional formatting is on the documented list of limitations.

Agreed - conditional formatting is on the list of limitations.

Helper IV
Helper IV

Hi @jeroenterheerdt,

This is a great step in the right direction. Thank you and the team for making our day jobs easier.


Going ahead, I see huge value in making these functions available in dax generally. Is that in the pipeline?

Hi, if you with "these functions" you mean functions like RUNNINGSUM then the answer is no, not at this time.

That's a real shame. Thank you for your reply.

Advocate I
Advocate I

I found an error / bug, I tested the visual calculation feature on a matrix but removed it when I saw conditional formatting wasn't yet available. However, when my end-users tried to export data from that matrix they recieved an error: "exporting data is disabled because it contains a visual calculation or hidden field." This happening despite the fact that the matrix did not currently contain visual calculations nor hidden fields. I had to rebuild the matrix from scratch and re-publish the report to correct the issue, so it seems like using Visual Calculations infects/contaminates whatever visual you drop them on in a way that lingers after removing the Visual Calculation.

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