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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Share your thoughts on visual calculations (preview)

Hit "Reply" and let us know what you think of visual calculations! To learn more about this feature, please visit the blog post or our documentation.


Here are some areas that we'd like to hear about in particular:

  • errors / issues you are experiencing
  • functionality that is missing / does not work as you expected that is not listed as limitations in our documentation.
  • suggestions on governance capabilities
  • sorting behavior of visual and visual matrix

Thanks and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

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New Member

I need to format that new calculation. make it currency. I'm not seeing how to do that.


while FORMAT works, it changes the output to text so you can't use it for further calculations. We will add support for formatting soon.

Use FORMAT as the output of the calculation.

The only issue with this is that FORMAT returns a text value, which means that if you want to do something like add data bars to the column as a cell element, nothing happens. Which is to say, we need to be able to do more than just format the data in the column; we need to be able to control its data type as well.




agreed - that is coming.

Super User
Super User

Use case for using visual calculations as basis for conditional formatting:  Highlighting value changes



Can't select the calculation.


would be nice to be able to, though.


yes, conditional formatting is on the documented list of limitations.

Agreed - conditional formatting is on the list of limitations.

Helper IV
Helper IV

Hi @jeroenterheerdt,

This is a great step in the right direction. Thank you and the team for making our day jobs easier.


Going ahead, I see huge value in making these functions available in dax generally. Is that in the pipeline?

Hi, if you with "these functions" you mean functions like RUNNINGSUM then the answer is no, not at this time.

That's a real shame. Thank you for your reply.

Advocate I
Advocate I

I found an error / bug, I tested the visual calculation feature on a matrix but removed it when I saw conditional formatting wasn't yet available. However, when my end-users tried to export data from that matrix they recieved an error: "exporting data is disabled because it contains a visual calculation or hidden field." This happening despite the fact that the matrix did not currently contain visual calculations nor hidden fields. I had to rebuild the matrix from scratch and re-publish the report to correct the issue, so it seems like using Visual Calculations infects/contaminates whatever visual you drop them on in a way that lingers after removing the Visual Calculation.

oh no! That is not supposed to happen. I will investigate this.

New Member

What are the consideration regarding these new visual calculations and functionality the field parameters introduced a while back. As far as I can see these two features does not integrate currently, and I was wondering if it would be possible to to have these two Power BI features integrate somehow. 


In many instances, we use field parameters not only to switch dimensions but also measures on visuals.


When introducing visual calculations, it also introduces the questions, if these could be used dynamically together.


It might be that they are too technically different to have working together, but I just have to raise the question.

field parameters are not supported with visual calculations yet as listed on the limitations.

New Member



Feature: Sorting usings "Visual Calculation" Measures


I was messing around with visual calculations, considering where it would be really usefull, then I thought that sorting columns like "ABS([mymeasure])" calculations would be a nice usecase for visual calculations. However, it is not available as a sorting column. 

I think you should consider adding this feature.



Just realised that it is because I hide the "visual calculation" - if I unhide, I get access to the sorting VC. I think it should be sortable when it is hidden as well. (it does not work to sort and then hide).



so if you hide you cannot sort. the reason is because it would be hard for a viewer to understand how the visual is sorted if it's sorted by something they can't see. What would you prefer here?

In many cases I would agree, and that would be a consideration while designing a visual.


However, that many cases sorting could be relevant on something you do not want to show. I might want to sort by the variance actuals vs Budget, while showing the actual numbers as columns in a chart. In this cases the variance I want to sort by could even be the absolute version, i.e. the biggest variances positive and negativ alike, while I'm not interested in showing the absolute numbers in the chart. So being able to hide these is very relevant. Currently the workaround I use is to have the ABS variance in the tooltip, while I actually do not want it there either.


Hope this makes sense 🙂

that makes sense, thanks for explaining. How would you envision your viewers to understand that though? Would you not tell them? Let them figure it out on their own? Show some kind of message / indicator that the visual they are looking at is sorted by something they can't see? Alternatives?

Well, I would use many of the same features I would use already when a measure or visual or page needs some extra explaination, like

  • Info functionality mouse over
  • Heading / sub header
  • A transparent picture that can be uhidden using bookmark that utilizes speech bubbles to explain / document functionalities on the page (a very versatile option)
  • Education of users / documentation (in many instances the sorting comes from a requirement in the first place)
  • Sometimes it is logical to the specific users, needing no explaination
  • other

As I see it there are many options to achieve knowledge / understanding on the users part. And we need to remember that the user can change the sorting as well, and this could also be one of the options available to them.

New Member

Please add new template for Running Total with Reset in the new visual calcuations. It's a way for better user experiences. Thanks for making them happen.


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