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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Share your thoughts on visual calculations (preview)

Hit "Reply" and let us know what you think of visual calculations! To learn more about this feature, please visit the blog post or our documentation.


Here are some areas that we'd like to hear about in particular:

  • errors / issues you are experiencing
  • functionality that is missing / does not work as you expected that is not listed as limitations in our documentation.
  • suggestions on governance capabilities
  • sorting behavior of visual and visual matrix

Thanks and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

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Regular Visitor

I'm trying to use it with a "Field Paramater" but it doesn't seem to work.
No options for formatting, ex: if we divide 2 measures for percentages to show on line chart as percentange (64.6%) or on tooltip is not possible

thanks for trying this out! Field parameters are listed as a limitation in our docs so they don't work yet with visual calculations.

Regular Visitor

Thanks! That's a great new feature.

I'm trying to use it with a "Field Paramater" but it doesn't seem to work.

The option "New calculation" dissapear as soon as you add a field parameter to the table. Will it work in the near future? 

thanks for trying this out! Field parameters are listed as a limitation in our docs so they don't work yet with visual calculations.

Frequent Visitor


I've got an issue.

When I'm using fx to add the RUNNINGSUM I got the message below.
It referes to a column with the weeks. 
Whatever the measures I got this error


My table is quite simple




first of all, thank you for trying out visual calculations and I am sorry you weren't successful the first time around. I believe I understand what is going on here: the [Field] in the template is the numerical field you want to sum, so that's Snapshot in your case. RUNNINGSUM([Snapshot]) should work. Please try it and let me know if it works as expected. thanks again!

The error message is coming at the beginning, meaning when I click on "New Calculation" the error message is popping up.

The table is quite simple, I have the week and for this example I only put the measure Snapshot = 1

with a format as Whole number.

Even if I continue and create Calculation = RUNNINGSUM([Snapshot]) the screen stay with the error message.

The calendar I use to get the Week is linked with other table in my model. Could be the problem ?

I did several try and it seems the issue is coming only if I use the table "Calendar" 😞









Hi there

I've got a small vertical aligment issue the minute I use a unichar icon to display a negative or positive icon related to the value, waiting for conditional formatting option. This happens only using DIN Font bigger than 18 points

In essence I use this code for the visual calculation:

YoY % = 
VAR Curr = [ITEM]
VAR Result = DIVIDE(Curr-Prev,Prev)
VAR Color_Icon = if (Result >=0, UNICHAR(128994),UNICHAR(128308))
if( Result = BLANK(), 
Format ( Result, "0.0% ") , ColorIcon

the result is this one:

DIN Visual Calculation.png

so using font DIN 14 on the left no significant vertical misalignement, while using DIN 34 I have a vertical misalignement. No issues with other fonts

By the way, any suggestion to change numbers in green or red using DAX and/or HTML?



Frequent Visitor

Hello again,
I solved my problem. The naming of the column seems weird for the New Calculation.
If I rename my column Calendar[ST Week] with ST Week all is working well.
Is it possible the square bracket [ ] create the problem ?

it's likely the 'Calendar' part that got confused as a table reference. In general I'd recommend not naming columns like that as Power BI is prone to think A[B] is a reference to a column B on a table A.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

When I add Visual Calculation, export data option is gone so it looks more for adhoc reports but not reports where users are looking all features.

hello - export is not supported yet and is listed in our documentation as a limitation. We will enable export eventually.

Frequent Visitor

It's really amazing, thank you very much!
I was wondering if there is any code we can write for new calculations or something similar to change colors inside a single visual or customize the visual according to our needs. Some visuals have very limited options?

can you give me some examples maybe? You can already use format code and conditional formatting to format many things, but curious to learn what specifically you are looking for. many thanks!

Facet Key.jpg

Thank you for your response.

I am currently using Facet Key and having several issues with it. While I found the solution to a similar problem helpful and managed to resolve the coloring issue, the colors still don't match my dashboard. I noticed that Facet Key has the capability to change colors based on category. 

ah thank you, the facet key is a custom visual so these will have formatting limitations or do things differently compared to built-in visuals.

Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hey! It's really a great feature. I think it would be more helpful if we can filter these new visual calculation columns in visual filter panel. 

agreed - filtering on visual calculations is not yet possible and a documented limitation.

Frequent Visitor

Really appreciate this option. Smashing the like-button. Two items that would be super helpful: 

  • Conditional Formatting (looks like you are already tracking that)
  • A way to view the underlying low-level functions so it makes it easy to add to the model. I have a difficult time contextualizing the context in which I want to view things - being able to create a visual using these simple ones would go a long way to helping me execute more efficiently. 

Thanks again - I appreciated your YouTube video!

thank you - can you elaborate a little bit more on the second point maybe? Am I correct in understanding you'd like to see a way for you to see the window function (such as window/offset/index) you'd invoke if you'd wrote the visual calculation as a measure?

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