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Share your thoughts on the new relative time filter and slicer (preview)

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new relative time filters so we can continue to improve.

-Power BI Creators team

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I really liked the relative time filter, but I found one single bug when a shift in the calendar week is selected.

In this case, the dates are filtered by the American system of weeks. That is, the week starts on Sunday. In Europe, our week starts on Monday, that is, there is an error in choosing a filter with an offset of one day. Please fix this bug. This filter is very necessary.

Advocate I
Advocate I

So relative date and time is Great! 


But how do you go back and forth?  from relative to let user pick?   

yes.. Vouloir le beurre et l'argent du beurre


Use case: Sales person/exec/(me) whoever wants default to show current period.  but then wants to explore and see ...


last month.. ok no problem you got that covered nice.

but ..The month two months ago.. or 1 year ago or some specific time range  eg prior to covid/since lockdown etc?   


We can't really do that with the relative filter only.. long series of bookmarks changing from back from relative to specific range..seems..oh so complicated.


Seems there could just be an option for "custom range" in addition to last/next/this?  



Helper V
Helper V


Thank you @SujataNarayana  for giving this option but here i have below concerns

1)  why we are showing the relative time drop down option for date datetype columns ?

2)  Is there any option to stop the current time when we select the the data in advance filtering (is on after & Is on before) ? i have one workaround first click on default time then click the date but it is very dificult to teach the all end users. 

3)  I have not use the latest power bi desktop version and have not select the preview feature for relative time then why we are showing this option in service for these date columns?


Helper I
Helper I

This needs to be relative to the timezone the report is created in. Like date filtering, it is absolutely useless if it's relative to UTC time (me being in NZ I am UTC+12).

Super User
Super User

I like it! But, I have already seen one complaint about it on the forums. Somebody noticed it earlier today and asked how to turn it off because they didn't see it in the Desktop but only in the Service. I told them that it was probably a new feature that would eventually make its way to the Desktop so they were probably out-of-luck. Seems like I was correct! 🙂

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