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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Share your thoughts on the new personalize visuals experience (preview)

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new personalize visuals experience so we can continue to improve.

-Power BI Creators team

Regular Visitor

Further to my comments of two years ago:


I've since implemented the Personalize Visuals feature on the scatter charts in a report that I am developing, in which scientific/technical data is displayed and can be explored. I've successfully used Perspectives to limit the fields that the user can choose to plot.


It works quite well, but testing has revealed a couple of issues (the second of which I already mentioned back in my 2020 post) that are preventing the full roll-out of this feature:


1. There does not appear to be a way for the user to change the axis type between linear and logarithmic. Without this, I would have to use the 'hack' of making four versions of each graph (with lin-lin, lin-log, log-lin, and log-log axes) and using bookmarks and buttons to switch between them. However, this of course isn't ideal, and would have the effect of 'resetting' the graph's contents (to whatever is set up for the bookmark) each time (instead of just changing the axis type and leaving the data selection unchanged).


2. When the user chooses a new field for one of the axes, the numerical data is summarised (using 'Sum') by default. This is not something that you typically want when plotting technical data. In the worst case, the user might not notice that the data has been summed up, and could draw incorrect conclusions. It would be much better if "Don't summarize" was the default option here, or perhaps the report developer could choose the default summarisation method when configuring the visual.


It would be great if the Power-BI development team could take these points as feedback / feature requests, and if someone could help with any other workarounds, that would also be appreciated.


Many thanks!

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

For me this feature has been superceded by the new field parameters, I think customise visuals was always a bit of a dead end for MS.


Your second point can definitely be achieved using field parameters as you can dynamically switch the measure based on what the user selects for the axis.

Ah, OK! Thanks for bringing "field parameters" to my attention. I've had a quick look/play with the feature, and it seems quite promising: I can make field parameters for the x and y axes of the scatter chart, with corresponding (dropdown) slicers on the page for users to select the fields with. I guess that I can add a third field parameter and slicer for the legend of the scatter chart too.


It looks as though I'll still have to make the four versions of the graph and use bookmarks/buttons to do the switching between axis types (lin/log), but that's perfectly doable.


Thanks again!

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

With field parameters it is possible to "chain" them together, you could have a single drop-down for users that controls X, Y, legend and the calculation to be used. Would ensure users don't select invalid combinations.

As you noted, you would probably still need the bookmarks for the axis type but it should be more manageable

OK, that's good to know. At present, there are no invalid combinations of x, y, and legend entries in my case, but there may be in future datasets. Thanks again!

Frequent Visitor

I have a problem displaying data labels when my default visual is matrix or table and I've enabled the personalization option on these.  When I would like to personalize it into a chart (column, bar, line etc.) then by default there are no data labels enabled and I don't have the option to turn these on anywhere.


Is this supposed to be like that or am I missing something? 



Not applicable



This is the pefect place for the description we put on each field  in  the model to appear on hover.  So the layman user can understand which fields he needs to pick.  Or have I missed something and that is already there?

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This feature is fantastic. But we need 1 more upgrae on changing of titles as well.
Upon changing the fields or data in a visual, visual title should also change as per the new customised visual end user have created. So that if they want to show a report to management, the title and visual created should match.



Qasim Abbas

I support this idea!

Frequent Visitor

Need to be able to easily hide fields or tables that you do not want the user to have access to or see. We have several tables and fields that we do not want visible. You should be able to customize which fields are available for the end-user to have accessibility to see or include. This is vital and a security issues for us!

Exactly this!
We have some visuals that have a lot of fields that can be changed, but parts of those should not be changed as it can easily break the visual or just give users data that don't make sense. It would be perfect to be able to set which fields the user can change and guide them this way. It would make it a lot more user-friendly!

I use the external tool Tabular Editor to create perspectives for the end user. This is definitely not a security feature. For that, we need Object Level Security. Object-level security - Power Platform Release Plan | Microsoft Docs

Advocate II
Advocate II


This feature has been so great for our organization and it is so close to being exactly what we need, with only one exception:


We were expecting with this feature going GA that the ability to scroll the Personlize window (when the fields don't all fit on the screen) would be fixed. We have a large number of visuals that have a significant number of fields and therefore users can't see all of them when they go to Personalize. The interesting thing is that the scroll did work for one day, on 7/23, so I believe it can be fixed :-).


Is this planned to be resolved in the future?


Thank you for all of the work on making Power BI such a great application!

Advocate I
Advocate I

Hi, I was waiting for the possibility of customizing tables (adding/removing columns, change columns sorting) but, as a designer, I would prefer to be able to prevent my users to change the visual type (from table to bar chart). My end-users are not yet expert on PowerBI and I don't them to get lost maybe just because they clicked in the wrong place.

Also, what's the difference between "Predefined fields" and "Model" in the reader perspective drop-down menu?

Thank you for your work!


Not applicable

I think this needs to be included in desktop so that as a Developer we can set up some standard bookmarks (heavily used ones) then save them for other users to use (Eg Actuals vs Plan and then Actuals vs PCP).  Then the users themselves can make changes for less common situations in Service

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Or perhaas just be able to save bookmarks created in the service as public.  That would actually be easier for this type of customisation than doing it in the desktop.

Not applicable

Personalize Visual toggle not showing even after enabling preview and restarting PBI Desktop. I'm on the latest September 2020 version.

Not applicable

Never mind.  Found my issue.  Didn't realize I had to also enable in Current Report settings.

Frequent Visitor

Overall this is a really good and extremely important feature. I used the Personalisation in conjunction with ther Perspectives. I am relatively new to Power BI coming from a SAP reporting background and from that basis I was suprised this feature was not available early in the development. The other thing that suprised me, and forgive me if I am wrong, is that the analyst cannot change the perspective assigned in the report, my impression of the perspective was that it is akin to a 'helper' function and not a 'control' function, thus I had expected that the analyst would be enabled to switch perspectives at will, for example between a 'Basic' and 'Advanced' view. Actually I was so suprised I spent about three hours trying to find the documentation that would tell me how the analyst can change the perspective in the report, until giving up. This seems odd as I believe the user  is able to choose the perspective when connecting to a SSAS model?


Additionally I found a couple of issues, firstly after using tabular editor to create the perspectives the perspective was not immediatly availble in Power BI desktop I had to restart Power BI to view the desktop. Also, I took a shortcut and added the tables to the Perspective only to find that did not work. After I followed the instructions in the Aug-2020 update and selected only columns and measures it worked fine.

Not applicable

Great tool with a lot of potential.


  • There does not appear to be a way to assign Report-Reader Perspectives to specific visuals. 
    • It would be helpful to be able to update all visuals with a perspective similar to the way it is applied to all pages
  • Can not find a way for a Power BI Report to connect to a Power BI Dataset and inherit Report-reader perspectives
  • It would be helpful to have a default perspective that does not allow users to change any fields and results in hiding the Perspectives toggle on visuals. "Default Fields" / "Model" both fully expose the model and a custom perspective won't automatically hide the toggle.


Thank you for releasing this feature.

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