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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Share your thoughts on the new personalize visuals experience (preview)

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new personalize visuals experience so we can continue to improve.

-Power BI Creators team

New Member

Amazing new addition and been waiting for this one to come out, so super excited that this is released.


Sadly I have to echo the other comments that it will only become useful for us once we can limit the fields available to the end user. The entire model will be too much and too confusing for the majority of people.


The second point mentioned by others, is the ability to toggle the default on/off for a visual to have personalizations available. This would make the introduction to reports with many visuals (but only one you want on) more efficient.


With primarily the first change, this will transform the way our end users utilize reports. Lots of happy customers once this is available.


Thanks for your hard work!

Not applicable

Can you make it so that other reports based on a dataset with personalization enabled inherit the same settings?  I noticed the feature only works on uploaded pbix file directly.


I also agree with the other commenters that being able to limit the fields available to the user would be a great feature as well.

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Fantastic addition! And can finally avoid multiple similar charts clogging up dashboards. Power to the users! Glad you have bookmarks and a reset button though 😉


Great comments so far on this post for your team, mine (to repeat or like is to vote!) in order, first one being critical of course:


  • Must have dev option to restrict to visual change only and not offer new fields – DAX measures out of context are likely to produce wrong values and confuse users (crazy they are all now exposed without control!). Perspectives seem the way forward.
  • Make it available on Publish To Web.
  • Title must be changeable if changing fields, otherwise user screenshots likely to be wrong.
  • Personalisation on all individual visuals must be default off not on, as it takes understanding to ensure it makes sense on any visual.
  • Order By should be included where necessary.

This is really bringing things forward in a good way, keep up the good work!

Not applicable

Absolutely love this new feature. A couple of improvements I can think of would be:

  • I think the eraser icon to revert to the original visualization should be the same icon as the one shown at the top of the visual (a circular arrow icon)
  • If a user changes the fields, it is likely that the title of the visualization no longer makes sense. It would be good if they can edit this as well.


Not applicable

It's a bit buggy at the moment. Once I've selected something like 'First/Last' I can't untick it to just show the field value.


I am also unable to scroll down the list of values if there are more fields on the visual than will fit on my screen.


I'd like the ability to have the 'Do not summarize' option for numerical fields on table visuals.

Not applicable

Hi again,


I'd like the ability to disallow report consumers using appsource visuals, just the out of the box visuals.

Not applicable



I share many other's view on the visual in terms of the end user's access to all the data fields... I'd like to manage what fields the consumer has access to in order to avoid confusion...


But secondly, this is a simple one, in the visual headers options of the formatting pane, have the enable personalisation feature off by default, otherwise I find myself deselecting it on EVERY visual in my report bar one....


Great work,

Looks great!


Frequent Visitor

Hi @SujataNarayana !!!

This is a good improvement which is going in the way to make final users more self-sufficient in the their analysis.

In my opinion after test it you have three options to make it even more useful:

- Allow to change the order of the fields already shown

- Control which fields and values can be added to the visual, I mean create a container where the developers define and delimitate it to avoid that final users get lost in the huge amounts of fields, key figures, etc... that are created as a intermediate step.

- Allow, and this is about the table and matrix, and not excluisvely for "peronalize visuals" allow to copy and paste selection as you see in the visual, with grand total and subtotals and the columns (for matrix) in excel format.

Thaks so much for your help!!!

Best Regards.

Miguel García

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor



At this moment, we only can use an existing visual to modify, and get the result.

It would be extremely helpful if end user can add a "personal page" start with blank, and play around with the reports, add personalized visuals by their own.


Many users simply don't want to touch to the existing dashboard, but setup a separate page where they can make a table to download the data, or see things in their own way.

Best Regards, 


Not applicable

Love this!!!

When will it be available in the embedding options??

Same question - is there a release date for this feature to be available in embed?

New Member

The ability for end-users to personalize visuals within published reports is one of the most exciting new options to have been added to Power BI in recent memory. Combined with the ability for users to bookmark these personalized versions of the visuals,  I can imagine that this will allow for a very powerful self-service reporting experience.


However, it is currently unusable for me, because it is missing the following critical features (in descending order of priority):


  1. It is not available in reports that have been embedded in another application. As an ISV, most of my users do not directly access, but instead use the report embedded in my application. The Personalize Visuals feature must be accessable from embedded reports for it to be useful to me or my users.
  2. It is not possible to restrict which columns can be added or removed from a visual. There are ususally only a certain set of columns that any particular table/visual is designed to work correctly with (typically just columns within tables (or parents of tables) that are already present in the visual; but there can be some exceptions to this), and when columns outside of that set are used, the results can be bad data, or a cryptic error message, neither of which are a good experience for the user. Additionally, there are often a core set of columns that must be present in a report for it to work correctly, and if the end-user removes these, the report can start giving misleading data or even errors.
  3. It is not possible to preview the Personalize Visual experience from Power BI Desktop. When authoring a report in Power BI Desktop, it slows down my iteration speed if I need to publish the report to in order to preview the way that it will look for my end users.
New Member

Great improvement!


Some questions/requests:

  1. Would it be possible to put some limitations to the fields that users can pick in each one of the visuals? Depending on the combination of Value/Dimension, a graph could lead to wrong conclusions if the end user does not have a good understanding of the data model.
  2. Would it be possible to allow the customization of the visuals' title as well? This would be very useful in multi-language scenarios, as users could translate the report to their needs.
  3. Will the usage of the visual be registered somehow? For instance, if 90% of our users are always changing the visual to display a particular KPI by week (instead of another one we used as default), maybe it would make sense to set that as the default. This would help to understand what kind of data are the users looking for





Frequent Visitor

I think this is awesome! An option to have it default to either on/off would be good to have. I'm having to go through all visuals, with header turned on, to toggle off the 'Personalize visual'.

Frequent Visitor

Hello, I can't see the toggle in the format panel... Do you know why? I already activate the function in the preview menu.




I would like the ability to select the new canvas icon and disable it from there instead of entering the menu.

Not applicable

Enabling the custom visuals is a huge step forward to enabling self-serice reporting in Power BI with centralized model & report management. From a developer perspective it would be great if we'd have the possibility to indicate which measures, columns and tables should be available to the end-users in the Power BI service. Currently they can "see" the entire data model which can be confusing.


End-users might end up selecting measures which, due to DAX programming, show a different result than expected. Enaling the option for the developer to determine what the end-users can "play with" would be a big improvement.

I would like the ability to select the new icon from the canvas and toggle it off from there instead of going into the menu. 

Not applicable

Hi @SujataNarayana ,


This is an amazing feature! It works smoothly.. I love the simplicity of it and this would be a great funcionality for end users. Hopefully this feature is hardened and available as a stable release in future.


All the best and keep inovating 🙂


Anirudh V

Advocate I
Advocate I

Awesome! Congrats!


- The personalise view is not displayed when i open the report from Teams. Can you enable that too?

- The personalise view is not displayed when share to web (public) this would be awesome!


Best regards


Not applicable



I really liked this feature. A couple of inputs for the Product team :


  1. I could not find the setting to enable or disable "Personalize Visual" when PBI reports are connected to Azure Analysis Services via Live Connection.
  2. It would be good to give recommendations of visuals based on the number of attributes and measures in a visual. This is something which I saw in Tableau and I think will really help end-users.

Thanks and Regards,


Bidesh Sarker

Power BI Consultant

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