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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new filter pane so we can continue to improve.

-Power BI filter pane team

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New Member


     I understand the need for this option and how it could benefit some users.  But I am finding it difficult to disable this option on line.  PBI desktop allows to turn this feature off, which I have done, but when I publish to the cloud and then create a link to Share Point online, the filter icon shows in all visuals.  I've looked high and low to try to disable it in online, but to no avail.  Also,  the filter visual has shown up in other reports that are already deployed.  I didn't not turn this option on and it should not be showing up in those reports.  If you have a solution, please post. Thank you.  

Not applicable

I like this feature but the ability to customise each filter would be handy, similar to placing a filter on the page. Sometimes my filter only has two choices and  I would want to place a small selection box in the pane rather than the dropdown. Not much but it saves clicks, which add up if there are more than a few filters across the page/s

Not applicable

It seems I am in the minority here, but while it is an adjustment for users, I really enjoy the new filter pane and hope it is here to stay!

Resolver II
Resolver II

The new filter pane for Sept 2019 doesn't display correctly in report server.  For existing reports, the basic and advance filtering options are missing from the filter pane on the page.  I see I can disable it per report but how can it be disabled for all users?  

New Member

I'd love to be able to:

  • hide the record count that appears alongside the values list in the Basic Filter view of a Filter Card
  • modify the aggregation function and/or metric for these values
  • have visualization/page/report-level filters applied to these values for cards within the respective filter bar section
Regular Visitor

I see 2 ways of improvement:


- having the possibility to group several filters into a category (eg. Product related filters, Geography related filters, etc)

- having the possibility to choose which are the filters to be synchronyzed in between pages.

New Member



New Filter Panes are great, but how can I sort values in descending order?




Not applicable

Los nuevos cambios me han desconfigurado el informe por completo: 


- Los widgets del informe se me han desplazado hacia abajo para mostrar la nueva barra de encabezado

- Me han desaparecido todos los grupos de widgets que tenía y se me han desconfigurado todos los marcadores del informe

- Los iconos han cambiado su color de fondo

- Los cuadros de texto han cambiado su color de fondo y de letra



En definitiva, un gran problema pues trabajo con esto.

Not applicable

I know it's there, never use it. Getting tired of de-selecting it.

Regular Visitor

Pointless in my view. I prefer the filters in the vizualisation tab as they most often apply to the fields in use. Therefore a completely pointless addition for me. Surely PowerBI has more pressing improvements to be made than adding tabs. Stop wasting your time on unnecessary modifications and take a look at what's most wanted by users.

New Member


since the new filter pane released I have problems publishing my Power BI reports even if deactvated. Is there any causality?


Frequent Visitor

Developing a report with a Live link to an SSAS tabular model.
Seems like the filter manager treats an attribute that has zero value and NULL (Empty) the same way.
In other words: Aggregates both zero and null together.

This behavior was not with the old filter functionality.

(The attribute in this case is in a date dimension.

If you change it to the data type Text, it cannot be used for example MTD metrics
in a graph because they depend on there being, for example, a monthly value.)


Regards / Magnus

Not applicable

There are some problems in the new filter pane that make me not using it:


1- If you set a filter as "unique selection" the "clear filter" button persists, meaning that the user can select all items, you can also click again on a selected item get the same result. This is not suposed to happen in a unique selection filter, if it's "unique only" it shouldn't be possible to select all, this is kind of obvious. This is the main reason I don't use it.

2- Date filters should have an option to be treated as date, just like the slicer control.

3- The filter pane is not available in the "Public on the web" option.


I'm assuming that this pane was created to avoid using a ton of slicers, but with these problems I think that it's not a good option. Also, if it's suposed to be used as a complement of the slicers, at least give us the option to change its name, because then I could name it as "Other Filters" and place just some secundary filters.

Helper I
Helper I

Seems like a good layout but the dropdowns seem to freeze often. At the moment I cannot change any of the filters and there is no indication why

Frequent Visitor

Hi Power BI Filter Pane Team,


The new flter pane experience is great and allows for more real estate.  However, I agree with @Anonymous's second suggestion.  We use the filter pane with Power BI Embedded for a public facing website and the largest complaint is the numbers in the filter cards.  Can you allow for turning the numbers off with a Live Connection?  Also, to reduce report viewer confusion, can you add the ability to save hide/show filter cards with Bookmarks?


Thank you!


Regular Visitor

Like many people already mentioned, it takes up too much space. But my biggest issue right now is that each time that I start PBI I get reminded about this ridiculous new feature. So now I have to constantly uncheck the box asking me if I want to use it, then hit "Got it" before I can start working on a report, which is all getting quite frustrating.


I know about the feature already. Any ideas to get around this?

Hi @marcus_hb ,


Website glitched out on the first attempt so please forgive the abbreviated post, but in my case I avoid that issue by keeping the checkbox you mention checked, and instead deactivating the filter pane everywhere else, then saving the file/report in question. It's perhaps annoying and a little laborious if you don't use the filter pane at all, but once each file has had the filter pane forcibly deactivated and then saved, Power BI will respect that upon reopening (even though the inference would suggest the opposite), and as a bonus you won't get that message asking you to try it either. Just make sure that box is checked first, THEN deactivate the filter pane everywhere else, then save the file. It should reopen okay thereafter.

Also, you'll obviously have to repeat the deactivation process everytime you create a new report. Hope that helps!!

Regular Visitor

The most annoying thing about this is being forced to see this pop-up everytime I open a window. I do not want to offer this feature, i have very specific reports with built in filters, if a user were to filter outside of that the point of the report is lost. Please stop force-feeding this to me and please retain the ability to remove the completly unneccesary filter pane, it takes up way too much screen area and the filter process within the visualization pane was perfect.

Advocate I
Advocate I

I was hoping, that nev release woudl finalty let me turn off the new filter panel.
For me is useeless, because it takes to much space, and most of my filtering is done in Dax.
Some like it so let it be, but give us the option to turn it off pernamently, not till next opening of file. It's so annoying.
Because of that (and lack of dark theme) i'm looking for diffrent software.

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