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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Share your thoughts on the new filter pane

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new filter pane so we can continue to improve.

-Power BI filter pane team

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Helper I
Helper I

Allow for a hierachy to be used in the new filter pane. Its a bit silly that you have to add a filter for year, month and day instead of just one filter. 

Not applicable

Adding a Measure or Calculated column as a visual level fiter on a card visual breaks. It allows you to add the Measure or Calculated column, but you cannot edit the values for either of those. This looks like more of a bug with the "Lock Filter" functionality than anything.

Not applicable

Hi there, I think the new filter experience is great, it has really enhanced my reports and saved space having to inset my own filters. 

I have 3 suggestsions as feedback:

1. Can this be made available on reports published to the public web?

2. Could you have a toggle on/off for the option number counts displayed next to the filter options? I use a lot of filters from related tables so the numbers/counts shown next to the options aren't relevant (often show as 1 if they're dimension tables) and this causes confusion to readers!

3. Is it possible to have the option to position the pane on the left as well as the right? User feedback has been they're used to seeing filters on the left in other applications so for continuity they'd prefer it to be on the left. 


Many thanks 😀

Not applicable

@Anonymous  -


I 100% agree with suggestion #2. Our readers have questioned this silly number on the filter pane many of times. It almost delayed the release of a public dashboard! 😮


Can we please have the option to turn this count off?






Advocate II
Advocate II

Extend the filters to support cross page filtering like normal slicers, e.g. select which pages the filter should apply to. This should only be possible for the report authors and be hidden from end users.


Also perhaps a new button type that turns the filter pane of/off to save screen realestate....

Regular Visitor

We would like to be able to have the Filter Cards also respond to a Bookmark. This would allow us to have dynamic Filter lists based on Bookmarks. I know we can do this based on Slicers but would like to be able to implement via Filter Pane. Any Thoughts?

Not applicable

It should be possible to filter the contents of a filter by a measure, the same way you can do on a slicer. Currently, you need to use bidirectional relations to make filters from different tables work together.

Not applicable

Add ability to time, add notes and audio for page changes, filtering and slicing.  Allow the creator to make this a default in the report.   Allow users to move forward or backwards through the steps with or without audio or timing.  Allow users to print out the visual with the steps, timing and notes as the last pages of a .pptx or a pdf.  These can be used to explain the visual in training, can become designed components of meetings or used as historical records for the reason a KPI, Analysis or Dashboard was created.  


Separate the filters and slicers, as seen affecting each visual, by type.


Allow users to click on the filters and slicers affecting the visual and see all other items on the page also affected

Allow users to click on the filters and slicers affecting the visual and take them to and highlight the visual or control so that they can quickly manipulate it. 

Helper II
Helper II

I'd like the option to be able to reorder the pane segments.

90% of the time, the Filters on all pages is the most important and should be at the top. The Filters on this page next, and finally on the visual.

Also,  I'd like to be able to "name" the visuals/tabs or at least use the title instead of "this visual" or "this page".

So, it would say "Filters on Cost per Product visual" or "Filters on Customer Page" or  something like that so that it's more fool-proof for the user.


Finally, for filters that have a specific never-changing set of values (like T/F or a short list), I'd like to be able to tell it to load once and then stop instead of loading fresh on each new page.

Advocate V
Advocate V

I think it's a good idea to have a filter pane and leave the canvas for visualizations. We've been adopting its use frequently.

However, there are a couple of functional aspects that can be improved:

  • When a user clicks on a visual, filter cards appear with the fields used in that visual. I find myself hiding all these because the user gets confused on the filters that appear. They think they affect the entire report and it doesn't. I don't think a common case is for a user to filter just in a visual. Instead, the user expects for a filter to apply to all the report. If this functionality is going to stay, I suggest the "filters on this visual" cards are hidden by default.
  • The filters in the filter pane should behave like slicers. This means that if something is selected on the report (via a slicer, clicking on a visual, or via another filter in the filter pane), the contents of the filter card should update accordingly.
Helper II
Helper II

Hi, how about being able to search on the fields being filtered?

Regular Visitor

The new Filter pane is great! Thank You so much as one part of the job is done!

We can restrict the manipulation of the filters from the report. But the users can still use the URL query string parameters (?filter=<Table>/<Field> eq 'value').

Can you develop a way to restrinct the usage of the URL query string parameters? Or is there a way to do this already?

Something that gives the ability to define a restricted list of allowed tables and columns to use in the URL would be great to enforce security.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards

Marc Pardi



Not applicable

About the filter, a new feature, some users are complaining about the "value" (count of lines in the table).

This occurs every time the developer uses the fact table as dimension.

I suggest to improve, creating a option that makes disapear those "values". 

New Member

New Filter pane looks great. However we cannot turn on/off interactivity. We still need to use the old slicers to achieve this. We would really like to clean up our real-estate with the new filter experience.


Thank you,


Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

@Wjbodkin ,

You can lock the new filter cards to prevent interactivity for certain filters in the filter pane. Also, you can hide the filter cards as well in case you don't want it to show up as an option at all.



Regular Visitor

Filter pane is great! Please add option to hide Visual filters altogether (not just field by field).

Helper I
Helper I

I don't like the new filter pane. I forced myself to let it be for more than half year - I kept telling myself "new stuff gotta be good, you just need to get used to it", but I took it off, can't take it! Not just me, several other analysts from different teams randomly asked me with a "I hope it is not just me" face:"hey do you like the new filter pane?" I was like in "shaking hands" mode: "no I don't either."

1. It always in the way. If my filter/box/card is with small fonts, the filter pane button is always in the way, people can't click or see stuff; it annoys me when I edit the report too. 


2. It cannot be enlarged. When we create the report or dashboard, the viewers more likely to use the filter that I put on the page - it can be enlarged as well. New filter pane, well first, you need to tell people it is there, you can open it; second, it cannot be enlarged - if it is a long list, it is really not convenient and then I still need to put a regular filter on the page.

Frequent Visitor

I like the new filter plane from a client/user perspective because it is easier for our clients/users to understand what they are looking at. As far as a developer I agree that it takes up a lot of space and to have to hide each filter for visuals if you dont want it to be seen, would be nice if it defauts to be hidden. One thing that I think would be extremely helpful is if there was a way to select tabs that you want to include/exclude from the "Filters on all Pages". I know if sounds a little odd but the reason for this is because if there is one 1 tab that you don't want to have the availability to use a specific filter that is in the all pages filter then you have to add it to each page filter and the client/user has to go to each page to update the filter if they want it changed from the default. 


Example: If i have a 10 tab report and i don't want to give the availability to have them filter on 2 of them, they would have to go to the remaining 8 tabs to update/change the filter to be what they want instead of just doing one filter.

Regular Visitor

Hi Power BI filter pane team,


I like the new Filter pane and hard working on moving the slicers to the filter pane. I really want the same kind of "Edit Interactions" function for fields in the Filters pane as we can do for any other visual. We can not move all the slicers to the filterpane because of this missing feature.. For some page/report filters we want to disable the interaction with specific visuals or elements. We really (and urgently :)) need this.


Thanks in advance!

Advocate III
Advocate III

We should have a separate marker for options that affect Reports on the Web Service vs Desktop only.


Also ,

I'm having issues with Service Reports remembering last state, even thought I turned off every option that suggests filtering.

Maybe it's a web page cache issue ?

Helper II
Helper II

How about:


1- A setting to hide all visual level filters by default.  Users find it confusing that clicking on a visual, sometimes not on purpose, reconfigures the pane.  And for tables with more than a couple of fields the pane gets really crowded.  I always hide them and keep only page and report filters.


2- Filters on filters, just like for slicers.  That way the functionality is almost identical.



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