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Microsoft Employee

Share your thoughts on the new Power BI Home in Desktop, now enabled by Default (Preview)

We're thrilled to announce the release of the new Power BI Home, now enabled by default! We're eagerly anticipating your feedback on this game-changing update. Our primary goal is to revolutionize your content discovery experience, ensuring seamless access to the right information within Desktop.


But wait, there's more! We're working on making some improvements for future releases, and your input is key to shaping the Power BI Home. We genuinely value your thoughts and insights, so please don't hesitate to share them with us.


And that's not all! Want to dive deeper into the new Power BI Home in Desktop? Check out our comprehensive documentation, where you'll find all the details.

Frequent Visitor

Have just found a new, and iritating, bug with Home.


When I go to save as it gives a list of quick access locations. These I would of hoped were locations where I frequently save .pbix files in. But no I have a list of SharePoint sites under quick access that have never had a .pbix file saved in them, then the recent lists only 4 more sites than quick access, which is not expandable.


From what I can see Home is giving me a list of SharePoint document libraries that I have been in to today which have no relationship to Power BI.


There is no other way to save a file so I have to save it to a random SharePpoint site document library and then go in to that site to move the file to the correct location.


Another plea to sort out the recommended list, it is totaly meaningless and of no use, I have 54 recomendations, which does not include the reports I have worked on in last couple of days, of these recomendations only 12 are live reports, but I can't get reid of the dead ones.

@WHU_59_66 ,  Are you not able to under File>Save As browse to a specific location to save?




"Another plea to sort out the recommended list, it is totaly meaningless and of no use, I have 54 recomendations, which does not include the reports I have worked on in last couple of days, of these recomendations only 12 are live reports, but I can't get reid of the dead ones."


Look here:

Browse this device does not work, you can enter the SharePoint URL but it never navigates to the site.


As for a workaround for clearing recent files list, why would I want to do an overly elaborate workaround to fix something that should be part of the Home functionality. It's a bit like saying well you cant do that within Power BI but you can in Tableau so go use that then come back to Power BI.


Thank you for the feedback.  


Within File>Options and Settings>Options>Global>Save and Recover , if

applying 'save to computer by default'  , does this alter your abililty to save to a 

specific location?





Either checked or unchecked it makes no difference.


Frequent Visitor

I note that, even after you received mostly negative feedback about this new 'feature', it is now no longer part of the Preview section. It has been upgraded to a default Report setting under Start up options. I switched it off immediately to avoid having to see that Home screen with mostly irrelevant information.


So far so good. But when I now click on "File" in the top left corner, with the intention to open one of my pinned reports, it opens the Home screen, requiring me to select the Open screen myself. Please consider to change that or just get rid of the Home screen all together.



Frequent Visitor

I have a huge list of files in the Recent list a lot of which I do not now need.

Need the ability to Pin files to the top, ability to remove single files from the list or capability to select a number of the files in the list and reove them from the list.

It is very frustrating in its current iterartion and heavly detracts from its usability.

New Member

Being unable to clear the recents makes it unusable

Regular Visitor

Totally dislike it.

It hope it will always be option to disable it.

Thanks for the feedback, can you elaborate on why you dislike it?

unable to clear recents.  I have a bunch of old copies of dashboards I can't get rid of in the new interface.  I wish I had a "clear unpinned dashboards" option to flush the screen of old stuff.  If I make significant changes to a dashboard, I will make a copy and name it dashboard_name_20240410.pdb and scoot it away.  I really just want to use <dashboard_name>.pdb but now the recent items list shows all of my old versions.  Or if I delete or move a pdb file saved locally, the pdb still appears as a recent item and if I click it, it says it can no longer find it.

Frequent Visitor

For me the experience is quite different. I was irritated by the new set-up from the start and couldn't figure out how to clear the Recent item list, and get my pinned items back. Until today, that is. I switched this preview 'feature' off.

Thanks @Riny_vE . your comment guided me to where I could solve that issue.
In agreement totally with all other comments on this thread. The feature is not helpful, I had it recommend things that I hadnt opened in over a year and I need a clear list as we use the same file but move location of it every month and this recently opened feature was becoming cluttered and uphelpful.
I have now reverted it back to the 'old style' where the get started menu option shows so I can clear my lists when needed.

Thank you so much for the feedback. I am trying to understand in more detail why you wanted to clear your recent item list. We are currently working on giving users the capability to pin their items on this list, and I was wondering if you could provide us with more insights to help us improve the product

I work mostly with max 10 reports and do a lot of testing in between. I don't want to see the test files in my recent list as they are in most cases not relevant after a short while. Pinning favorits is great. Just as it in the "Get Started" screen. Furthermore, I'm not at all interested in what the program 'Recommends' for me. For instance, I had a report that looked at COVID cases world-wide two years ago. I have abandoned that report but it still showed up as the third recommended report. To be blunt, I don't need the program to think for me. I do that myself. So, if you wish to automate a start-up screen, fine. But the user must be able to opt-out and decide for him/her self.

I have the same problem. I need to be able to clear the recent list. I work as a consultant and trainer and need to show my Power BI Desktop to clients and students from time to time and can't have other clients' reports showing in the recent files list. For now I can turn off the preview feature to clear the list, but would prefer not having to do that.

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