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Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Share your thoughts on the new On-Object Interaction feature (preview)

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new On-Object Interaction feature so we can continue to improve.

For example:

  • What changes would you like to see?
  • If you turned off the preview switch, why?
  • Any suggestions for addititional settings or capabilities?


-Power BI team


To read more about the feature, see the announcement in the Power BI Product Blog or our documentation on how to Use on-object interaction


  • Q: How can I open multiple panes at once?
    • A: You can CTRL + click or right click on the unselected pane you wish to open and choose "Open in new pane"
  • Q: Where did aggregations move to?
    • A: It's still on right click of a field, or you can use the new flyout aggregations dropdown while choosing or swapping a field.
  • Q: Where did drillthrough and tooltip page setup move to?
    • A: Drillthrough is now in the page settings of the format pane under Page Information > Page type > Drillthrough or Tooltip.
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Hi, it seems to be not appearing in my preview features. I am running the latest build: 2.114.864.0

I have decided to give this another go.  But still reverting back to the previous version.


I think the Options to Add to your Visual are the best part of this new feature.  The Add to your Visual button at the top of each visual is handy and a nice enhancement.


I really cannot approve of the new hidden panes on the Pane Switcher.  It is more cumbersome than the previous panes that were simple to collapse and expand with ease.  They were always available and we didnt have to waste time thinking about where they are.    This makes work so much more difficult by forcing users to go looking for and icon that represnts format/data/visuals panels and then we have to right click, then click again to  'open in a new pane' in order to get them to stay on screen.  It is very inefficent way to work, it was really so much better when we had the collapse chevrons that allows us to free up space on the screen when we need it.  I also feel that dragging and dropping a field from the data pane over to the appropriate axis was so easy. Now there are too many clicks to do the same thing.  I think it is making a really simple process over complicated and many users will not like it.  

I agree with you. The best thing would be to take advantage of some good ideas from this new feature to use in the pattern, such as minimizing the "Build Visual" in the "Visualizations" panel, being able to change the title directly in the visual, etc. But never discontinue the pattern for what we are testing.

Hello, this will be coming in the March release. The monthly blog will be out shortly, looking like tomorrow. Apologies for the confusion! Appreciate the enthusiasm to try the preview, looking forward to your feedback.

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