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Share your thoughts on the modern visual tooltips (preview)

Hit Reply to tell us what you think about the new, modern visual tooltips so we can continue to improve.

-Power BI team

Frequent Visitor

Nice Feature with the Drill Down and Drill Through available from the Tooltip. 

We also need these buttons if you use a ToolTip Page. This would help to make nice custom ToolTips and enable the user to additionally get more Information than the ToolTip can deliver, if necessary. 

Regular Visitor

Great Feature!

Helper I
Helper I

In Desktop options, I ticked "Use modern visual tooltip" in "report settings" of current file. I can see them in the Desktop but not in the Service. So I unticked the option.

Helper I
Helper I

Doesn't work on the breakdown bars of a waterfall chart.

Regular Visitor

Need to ability to control which fields to display or not display within the Tooltip as well as ability to add fields not included in the visual to the Tooltip.

New Member

Why the button visual can't open link anymore? We have many button setup before, suddently non of them work anymore, pls fix it ASAP.

Frequent Visitor



I have set a bookmarks for each page in my report. I have created a menu  with bottons to navigate to the page.


I cant seem to find the option on the button formatting to select the bookmark. 


It was quite easy to find on the previous version. What am I missing?



Advocate I
Advocate I

Im having problems with this. When I try to select 'Drill Through' from the floating tooltip, it dissapears as soon as I move the mouse. I'm using Edge which I've updated, just in case. Any help appreciated

I also have a report with the same behaviour, both in the desktop and the service.

Not applicable

Enabled the preview feature in Desktop and published report and wasn't able to lasso select datapoints in any of the visuals including bubble chart, line chart and clustered column chart visuals until I disabled the preview option in the global and reports menu. 

The visuals being used were the standard visuals. 

Frequent Visitor

Really nice feature!! It makes it much more user-friendly to the end users. 

It does not function when you have a table? In the table you still need to right-click and select drillthrough. It would be great if it works for tables.

Regular Visitor

This is really amazing, thank you!  My end-users have been asking for a way to eliminate the right-click drill through functionality, so this will come in handy!

Advocate II
Advocate II

I love thos modern design, and above all, the visibility it provides to my hard-work drill-through pages !

Howerver, modern tooltip do not appear on standard table visual. Table visual does not allow custom tooltip, but it allows drill-through. Despite modern visual activation on my report, I still have to educate my users with right-click + drillthrough, which everyone forgets.

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