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Share point list images does not appear in power bi service

Share point list images does not appear in power bi service.

Document Image I can see.

herosoftware_0-1690635372124.pngThis is a List,unable to see the images


Above Image is from document


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We can create a data set in Power BI desktop and upload it to power base service and then we can call the same data set in our report builder and use the images which are available in SharePoint.

How to do?  

I've followed the same steps, but still not displaying when i published it to workspace.



Super User
Super User

To display an image from a SharePoint list in Power BI, you need to follow a few steps, and setting the category as "Image URL" in the report is one of them.   Steps:


  1. Prepare SharePoint List: Make sure your SharePoint list contains a column that stores the URLs of the images you want to display in Power BI. This column should be of type "Hyperlink or Picture."

  2. Get Data in Power BI: In Power BI Desktop, go to the "Home" tab and click on "Get Data." Select "SharePoint Online List" or "SharePoint Folder" as the data source, depending on how your images are stored.

  3. Enter SharePoint Site URL: Provide the URL of your SharePoint site and authenticate if necessary. Navigate to the specific list that contains the image URLs.

  4. Load Data: Select the columns you need, including the column with the image URLs, and click "Load" to load the data into Power BI.

  5. Set Column Category as "Image URL": In the "Fields" pane, find the column that contains the image URLs, right-click on it, and choose "Change Type" > "Image URL." This sets the column category as an image URL, allowing Power BI to recognize it as an image source.

  6. Create Image Visualization: Now that your image URLs are recognized as images, you can create an image visualization in your report. Drag and drop the column with the image URLs into the "Values" field well of the image visualization.

  7. Adjust Image Settings (Optional): You can adjust the size, aspect ratio, and alignment of the image visualization as per your report requirements.

  8. Refresh Data (Publish and Refresh in Service): After creating the report and publishing it to Power BI Service, you may need to refresh the data to ensure the latest images from the SharePoint list are displayed in your report.



I already changed but not working,Can you try sharepoint list with image,You have to choose sharepoint list table in power bi and You check it,let me know.

Not sure you still have the problem but Image do not shows in the desktop App but they will once the report is published - If reader of the report have access to the SP list though. Thanka to the Guy in the Cube! 

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