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Same theme, different colours on charts

I've got a market report with multiple pages - one page per country. Regardless of the theme applied, default, classroom, city park etc., the line charts I have use different colours page to page. 

The pages were created by duplicating the first completed page, but I've also tried copying and pasting one of the line charts with the desired colours and it still changes colours once the filters are applied on the new page. The only change in filters from page to page is the country filter, and the charts show our top 5 or so categories in each country. There are about 400+ different categories for our series and growing, so assigning a hex colour for each series isn't really an option. Doing it manually each time isn't an option due to the size of the report. 


In the attached pictures, I've applied the classroom theme. The first picture with the lighter colours has the scheme I want, and the second picture with the darker colours is what I've got on some (not all) pages. The categories might change month to month, so I'll need the colour scheme to be able to stay somewhat similar if that happens.



Page 1 - this is the scheme I wantPage 1 - this is the scheme I wantPage 2 - this is what some (not all) pages havePage 2 - this is what some (not all) pages have


Many thanks in advance

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Hi, thanks for your quick response but doing it manually isn't really an option due to the size of the report. 

Super User
Super User

@Anonymous , As of now for legend we can not control color using conditional formatting. So it can pick up color from top 10.  Try choosing color manually

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