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Helper III
Helper III

Salvaging a Dense, Slow Power BI Report



I've made a Power BI document containing c200 different data sources which are all different websites. As I kept adding each additional website, the document gradually got slower and slower. Is there a limit? My PC gets exhausted running the report, even though I unchecked "Load to Report" on all queries except the aggregate query which appends all the tables anyway.


I eventually started another document as I still need to add a few more hundred sites, querying the other websites as probably 100 at a time so these run better.


Although the 200 site report ran ok before (but slowly), it's now asking me to "Connect" the credentials again. where you specify anonymous access in that dialog box etc. Issue is there are 200+ websites and connecting even just 1 website takes 15 minutes because it runs so slowly and it wants me to connect all 200 again.


So a few queries:

- how can I structure this better?

- is there some way I can quickly pull out the advanced editor code for all 200 queries and split these across new documents without having to rewrite all 200 queries

- is there a way I can reconnect the credentials as anonymous by default without having to do each query one by one and wait 15 minutes each time


thank you so much in advance! Any help is so welcome because I really am struggling, but don't want to lose the work I've done


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @jmillsjmills ,

I'd like to suggest you refer to the document  about optimizations guide for Power BI.


Best Regards


Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @jmillsjmills 

Adding soucre that much will soon or later going to slow your report. Don't forget you ony have 1GB of Dataset size if you are on Pro license. A little help here; in Power Query 


right click on your tables to disable the load of the sites or tables that you want not to be loaded.

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