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Helper V
Helper V

SAP BW Connector - cant add future "Snapshots" anymore

Hi all,


some years ago, I built a report for a department in my company - based on SAP BW in Power BI Desktop.


The idea behind the whole report was based on a Snapshot, that was created every Saturday night - every week in the year had a distinct version number, e.g. 2201, 2202 and so on for Week 1 in 2022, Week 2 in 2022....


It was possible to add all the version for one year (even they did not exists as they were created in the future) withing the m code. They were just added to the visuals e.g. when they were available. 


Does it makes sense to try it with a range instead of single versions?


I tried this again last week and received a error message:


"DataSource.Error: The SAP BW server reported an error: 'Variables contain invalid values.'. To find more information about this error, visit the SAP support site and search for 'BRAIN 633'."


I made some tests and it showed that whenever I add in "future" versions, SAP BW blocks the refrehsh. It worked in the past for sure.


The m-code looks like this:


{Cube.ApplyParameter, "[!V000004]", {{"[ZPSIVERSN].[2401]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2402]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2403]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2404]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2405]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2406]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2407]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2408]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2409]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2410]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2411]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2412]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2413]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2414]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2415]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2416]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2417]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2418]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2419]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2420]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2421]", "[ZPSIVERSN].[2422]","[ZPSIVERSN].[2423]"}}}


It won't work until I delete everything up to 2421.


Is there a chance to add sth. like a paramter to do it dynamically?


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