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Resolver II
Resolver II

Row Level security - Show report user which RLS role filters the report


I have a report that requires the use of RLS.

Different RLS groups are assigned to the report.

E.g I have these roles:
EU <- Only data for EU countries
US <- Only data for US
Bicycle: Only data for products of type Bicycle
(+5 more roles)

I want the report to automatically show the report users which RLS role is active in filtering the report.

Similar to what is shown when "View as" a specific role:  



E.g. a user assigned to "Bicycle" role should be informed that he/she only sees products of this type
(so if the report contains a Total sales number, the user should immediately understand that this only contains Bicycle products)

Kind regards

Super User
Super User

I don't know of any way to read the name or description of the current role that is being applied to the user, sorry.

Resolver II
Resolver II


First of all - thanks for the reply. 
This will work as a solution in many cases.

Howevere. Do you have any ideas how to proceed if there are several filter columns?

For example, for the bicycle role, the proposed measure :

Regions = "Viewing data for: " & CONCATENATEX(VALUES('Table'[Region]),'Table'[Region],",")

will display all regions. But it should ideally show that the Product="Bicycle"

In other words, a measure or anything similar that enables to user to see his/hers active role:

Role to show user = 
// Pseudo code. 
        "Viewing data for: " & CONCATENATEX(VALUES('Table'[Region]), 'Table'[Region], ",")
    WHEN ROLE IN ("Bicycle") THEN
        "Viewing data for: " & CONCATENATEX(VALUES('Table'[Product]), 'Table'[Product], ",")
       "Unknown role"

Kind regards

Super User
Super User


You could use a measure over the column that is being filtered by RLS to show them the selection of items they can see.  Assuming there is a column in your table call [Region] and that is where you are applying the filter, a measure like this will show them the region.

Regions = "Viewing data for: " & CONCATENATEX(VALUES('Table'[Region]),'Table'[Region],",")



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