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Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Ribbon in PBI Desktop stops working

As of the last release, the ribbon in PBI Desktop (e.g. "File", "View", "Home | Publish", etc.) becomes unresponsive. The behavior does not occur on a consistent basis and only appears to have started since the last release.


The only workaround is to close the file and open it again. Please advise.

Frequent Visitor

Same issue. I tried everything mentioned below to no avail. The only thing that works is closing and re-opening. It really messes with the flow of getting things done. 

Regular Visitor

I am surprised that Microsoft has not fixed this issue. I have had the same issue over and over, and I keep saying that it will be fixed in the next release. Given that this issue has been around for well over 3 years and there is a release every month, why is it still here? I have been struggling with this for some time. I realise that there is a workaround by moving the focus, but that is not a fix. Thanks.

as of the november update, it is still happening. 


Version: 2.75.5649.961 64-bit (November 2019)


The app remains semi-functional, it is still possible to switch Report - Data - Model for example. 


Sometimes it unfreezes, other times the app must be closed and reopened. 

Helper III
Helper III

Same issue... Minimizing and Maximizing the screen makes the ribbon responsive again. Lastest Release. Been happening to me for a while. 

Helper I
Helper I

I have the same issue on almost daily basis when working much in Power BI Dekstop. Please look into this. Always uses the latest version and has had this for at least 6 months.

I'm with Johan on this.  Frozen ribbon pretty much all the time.  It unfreezes after several minutes but it's really a show stopper.  I have to stop everything I'm doing to start something else (not using Power BI and hope that when I come back to it I can 1) hope it is unfrozen 2) remember what I was trying to do in the first place.

@mdslater I learned a trick in this thread that has worked everytime. Whenever the Power BI ribbon is frozen, I click over to another Microsoft program with a ribbon and then click back. It unfreezes the Power BI ribbon every single time. I always have Outlook open, so I just change focus to that and back.  I hope that helps you. 

Not applicable

I had this issue for the first time today, I got around it by clicking the arrow in the top right of the GUI beneath the Close icon (^).

I clicked this twice, it hides the frozen ribbon then reopens it and upon reopening it was fully functional with all buttons displaying tooltip and the functionality returned.

Not applicable

I have found that if I change focus - click on anything else in my task bar - then back to PBI the ribbon will work again.  Has been happening to me since the June release.

@Anonymous Sure enough, that worked. Thank you. 

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

Same for me. Randomly the ribbon stops responding. 

Not applicable

@justinh Same, but minimizing and maximizing the window always fixes for me.



Not applicable

Thanks, that worked for me!

I tried that this last go around, and it did not work for me. Smiley Frustrated

Frequent Visitor

Same issue here. 100 % freezes when I go to the table data view mode

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @dharland,


I'm also using the latest release (Version: 2.56.5023.1021 64-bit (March 2018)). However I didn't encounter your issue.


So in your scenario, I would suggest you to try to reinstall the Power BI Desktop. If the issue persists, you can submit a support ticket.




Xi Jin.

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