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Helper III
Helper III

Restricting Drillthrough on visuals having same columns as used in drillthrough filter.

Hi All,
What if we have more than one visual on the first page using the same column that has been dropped in the drillthrough filter, In this case all the visuals will have the drillthrough functionality enabled.
But we only want to enable the feature for one visual.

Also, After using the back button to return to parent page if we directly go to the child page(Without using the drillthrough), the drillthrough filter used in the previous traverse do not clear themselves.

Is there a work around or direct way to do that.



Advocate II
Advocate II

I'm running into both of these same problems! Hopefully, there will soon be a good way to do this. 


I want to be able to have multiple pages that are the result of drillthrough. However, for any particular visual (and even any particular field within a table/matrix), I want to be able to identify ahead of time which drillthroughs will be available to users. 


It would also be great for there to be a way for users to "reset" a particular drillthrough page, if they want to view the data on the drillthrough page directly, and without any drillthrough filters. 

Not applicable

You can do so by cloning a column in the power query editor and use that column renamed to distinguish a drillthrough to tab1 or tab2.


Say you have a column named "Process". Clone another one Named "Process1" in the Query Editor.


In drillthrough filters of tab1 use "Process" and in the drillthrough filters of tab2 use "Process1".


Your upstream visuals then can distinguishedly drill down to the desired page / visual.

Community Support
Community Support

HI @rkumar,


Current power bi not exist features to restricting drillthrough filter apply on visuals who use same columns.
For your scenario, maybe you can try to edit interaction from these visuals to control filter effect.



Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
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