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Helper II
Helper II

Remove "K" but keep data in thousands

Good Day,


I want to know if it is possible to display data in thousands, but without the "K" at the end of the data. We know our reporting is in '000s, we just need the values and the K at the end creates unnecessary clutter.





Write a measure that divides the numbers by 1000

* Matt is an 8 times Microsoft MVP (Power BI) and author of the Power BI Book Supercharge Power BI.

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New Member

Step 1: Go to "Visualizations" 

Step 2: Click on "Format your visual"

Step 3: Select "Callout Value" under the "Visual" tab

Step 4: Select "none" under "Display Units"


This worked for me! Good luck

Regular Visitor

Click on the measures/Visual  <then  go to format your visual in the visual tab

In the callout value section select "Display units" to be "None" instead of "Thousands" 



Violet Rafik

Do you have a screen shot of the solution? I do not see Callout value for my Visual.  Only see field formatting.


yes here it is

Re move K.PNG

But how do you do you get rid of the "K" that shows while keeping the display units thousands selected?  That was the original question.

You are a lifesaver have been looking for a solution for a while, Thank you!

Not applicable

Thanks a lot, very simple solution 👍


Advocate I
Advocate I

Create a measure that equals the value e.g. 

Commission (£'000) = [Commission (£)]
Then above the DAX formula bar change the Format from General to a formating mask like
This returns the number formatted with a thousands "," seperator, in thousands without decimals.
#, is the thousands "," seperator .
#,.; is the in thousands ",", without decimals ".;".
Then again for negative values.
"-" defines how 0 are presented.

Yachtsman60 has what I consider to be the best solution. This should be bumped up or marked as the official solution. I've tried the others and they don't work like this one. This changes the format of that number on every visualization on every page in the file, not only on one visual--also it removed the K, which one of these other "solutions" do not.

Hi, Ive tried this and it works, perfect! But how will the formatting look if you want millions instead?



Thanks! whats the difference between your format and this one that I found and also works: #,##0,,.0

Not quite sure.

Here is the full Microsoft documentation on the topic.

This is also a useful video to watch.

Indeed a perfect solution. No need to create an extra measure, just take the column from the model as it is.
Works like a charm for the data labels of my stacked bar chart!
I have set the data labels "display units" to "None" and used the formatting mask as described by @yachtsman60.

This one should be marked as the accepted solution in my opinion.


I've searched high and low, and this is the answer that no one else is giving! Perfect! No need to create a measure if everything you need to show should be in thousands. 

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hi @DieLem


For another option, you could create a calculated column by SUBSTITUTE like below, then change the data type to be whole number.


Column = SUBSTITUTE('Table2'[value2],"K","")

The output is below.




Best Regards,


Community Support Team _ Cherry Gao
If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Write a measure that divides the numbers by 1000

* Matt is an 8 times Microsoft MVP (Power BI) and author of the Power BI Book Supercharge Power BI.
Not applicable

That's not the ideal solution also due to rounding. I was using a /1000 measure and now I'm struggling with not correct results. Mathematically it doesn't make sense but I believe it's a limitation of Power BI.

@DieLem @MattAllington @v-piga-msft 


i have similar issue, & if I  create a measure and divide it by 1000.

In visuals it looks good, however when the end user extract the data into excel, they want to see the exact number that means not the one which is divided by 1000.


is it possible?

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