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Helper I
Helper I

Refresh error when map data source to OneDrive Folders - OData response error: unable to read data


I have a report that pulls data from a OneDrive folder on my desktop. The folder contains multiple Excel files that are merged in PowerQuery. 

I am trying to re-map this data source from the desktop OneDrive to the online OneDrive folder.  Same folder structure, same files.  I am using Radacad's method of adding the data source as a Sharepoint folder, then changing the step to

When I try to refresh my data, I consistently get this error:

"We couldn't parse OData response result. Error: Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host."

How can I connect to folders of files on OneDrive?  There's gotta be a way to do this . . . right?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi, @bigchippah 

If you are trying to connect to a folder on the onedrive for business platform that someone shared with you, you need to make sure you have full access to the folder. Then you can use Sharepoint folder connector to access the data.

Please refer to this thread for more details.



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Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Eason

Hi @v-easonf-msft,


The folders I am trying to access are entirely mine and I am listed as "Owner."  They have been shared with peers, however.


For what it's worth, this isn't an issue with initially accessing the files: I am able to connect to them in PBI Desktop.  The problem is when I Refresh, either in Desktop or Service.  Both of them fail with the "OData/connection forcibly closed" message.


In some of my basic research, it sounds like this is a problem (in my layman's terms) with the "source" location being bombarded by too many requests and cancelling the interaction.  Does that sound possible/probable?

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