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Hi All

I am trying to create a bump chart, ranking the countries by Value over years. I have the following calculations:


Top N CountriesValues =

VAR TopSelected = SELECTEDVALUE('Top N'[Top N])



TopSelected=0, [ONlyCountries Value],

RANKX(ALLSELECTED('Only Countries'[Country]), [ONlyCountries Value])<=TopSelected, [ONlyCountries Value])



RANK = RANKX(ALLSELECTED('Only Countries'[Country]),'Only Countries'[Top N CountriesValues])*-1


the reason why I need to calculate Top N CountriesValues is that I have a slicer Top N, which is showing how many countries I want to see in the chart based on their value.

For the bump chart I use Line chart, put Year on X-axis, RANK on Y-axis and Country on Legend.

The problem is when I select any value in the TOP N slicer, the bump chart is filtered ( showing selected N countries) BUT it is based on the laters year. for example I can see other countries during the years if they had the same rank as the TOP N selected countries. I think I am missing something in the RANK calculation...





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Super User

@starry , Try TOPN with numeric Parameters


Power BI Tutorial Series for Beginners Part 42 TOPN:
TOPN with Numeric Parameter -

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unfortunately this video doesn't help

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