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Helper I
Helper I

Ranking by Business date and day of Week

Hi All!


Looking for some assistance. What seems relatively easy is causing me some difficulty. I am looking to rank my sales by different date slicers including the day of week. I have two different tables, one containing my calculated measures derived from other tables and another table containing my dates. When adding in my sales measure and day of week dimension into a matrix, the following formula seems to work somewhat ok if my date slicer is set to week. I say somewhat because it doesn't seem to rank properly, nor does it rank 1 - 7 with one being the highest day.

Sales Rank = RANKX(all([BusinessDate]),[CY Sales],,DESC,Dense)


When I set my page level slicer to This month it returns all ones. However, if I add dates to the table it then returns some values. But again the ranking doesn't seem to be accurate.


What am I doing wrong? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Super User
Super User

@jawilson808 , A measure rank repeat for any other column used then the one used in rank.

Sales Rank = RANKX(all([BusinessDate]),[CY Sales],,DESC,Dense)


It means when you use day week, rank will done for Business date inside Day of week


Try like

Sales Rank = RANKX(all([BusinessDate], [Day of week]),[CY Sales],,DESC,Dense)

Hi @amitchandak,

Thank you for getting back to me. The formula you provided works similar to the one that I was able to come up with. However, if the slicer is filtered for the month and the table only contains day of week, it returns all 1's, however, if its filter for a week, it does return a rank.

If the table contains both date and day of week it does return a rank. In an ideal solution, I would like to be able to rank the entire month, year, week and etc as an aggregate to day of week and not have to include date depending on how the user filters the report. 


See screenshots below of what returned with the update to the formula. 


Filtered by month



Filtered by week



Helper I
Helper I

I've have almost figured it out. I updated the formula to 

SalesDOW Rank =
Calculate([CY Sales]),,DESC)

When doing so, it properly ranks by business date and day of week. However, if I filter my results for month or year, my table in which contains only the measures I want by day of week, it is not aggregating all days of week together. 
This is good


This is not good when filtering by month in the top matrix. The bottom matrix however is ok. 




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